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  1. I am very disappointed to hear about the discontinuation of the belt loop program. It is a big part of our scout program including summer camps, focusing family trips, activities at den meetings, and belt loop days. I really enjoy the belt loop program and how it is geared to different age groups. There is definitely an earning aspect happening for young kids and they should be rewarded. The belt loop program was perfect for enthusiastic scouts to take scouting to the next level.
  2. I'm really frustrated and confused. This new program looks too much like Girl Scouts and I really dislike their program. Currently Webelos can earn 20 activity badges and if they earn all 20 get a special super achiever patch - that is something my son has been working towards. But what happens now?! Why do all the scouts have to do the same thing? I like that our den offers the base activity badges, but my son has the opportunity to go above and beyond on his own (with his family or at summer camp). This all sounds like terrible news and I am questioning our commitment to this program.
  3. I am very very unhappy about this. I have 3 sons all 2 years apart. My eldest 2 have been busy earning as many belt loops as possible at home on their own, at pack meetings, at den meetings and at summer camp. In fact, we choose summer camp based on which belt loops are available. Then once they bridge all of their awards will go in a shadow box to be displayed. My youngest son will never have belt loops. Why get rid of this fun family oriented activity that allows scouts to take charge of their own scouting experience?
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