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    My first order of buisness to is to nail down the calendar that was left unfinished. The feelers are out for competent and willing replacement as DL.


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      I cannot actually think of a Cubmaster in our District that is not also a Den Leader. Most Cubmasters are Den Leaders aren't they ? Or are we just an odd district?

      My husband goes by the theory of wearing as many hats as you want to until they start to fall off, that is the point where you need to relinquish some jobs/titles.

      The other thing is, if you look at the Pack structure or "pyramid" of leaders, where you have the COR and CM and CC etc at the top and den leaders at the bottom, you need to invert that pyramid to realize what the most important positions are in a Pack.

      Your pack will still go even if you have a cubmaster who isn't so great. But your pack will go no where if you have den leaders who are awful. Den leaders are really the most important position in the pack and you should not step back from being a den leader if you don't have a great replacement.


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        Exactly. Most Cubmasters I know are also Den Leaders, and it is certainly true in our pack. As far as burnout, I blame the relentless Cub schedule and BSA hoop-jumping far more for burn out than wearing two hats in a unit. Your point about having strong Den Leaders is also very valid. We have had retention issues in the dens that do not have strong leaders, it's an ongoing issue no matter who has been in the Cubmaster role.

        Unit size makes all the difference as well, I suspect. There is a critical point where it is impossible to have a pack without the leaders wearing multiple hats, a different point where more than one hat is difficult to juggle, and a big gray area in the middle.

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      While in the fairy tale land of how the BSA says a pack should run, dual roles shouldn't happen. But it is what it is and I was in the same boat as you. CM was leaving. I was a den leader. I liked being the den leader. We couldn't get anyone who would take over as CM. I wound up doing it while still being heavily involved in leading my den. I did get a person to step up to be den leader. But yes between being the CM and the den leader and doing all the stuff that a CC does. I've had enough. We have a small pack and while it's fine and dandy to say your committee should be getting a new leader. It just doesn't always happen. For the sake of wanting the pack to continue you assume multiple roles. Sometimes you assume multiple roles just because you want it done right. I will say that we do have in place a person to take over as CM when I go so it won't be as rough of a transition as when I took over.