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  • Blue and Gold Themes

    Our B & G banquet is this saturday and we have decided that the theme for this is Magic. The dens have been learning magic tricks for their skits. We also have a local Magician coming to perform for 20 minutes or so. What are the themes being used out there this year by other packs? Last year ours was Beach Party.

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    The National theme for this month is American ABC's. We decided to narrow the focus to our state, so it will be Illinois ABC's.

    I am having a bit of a problem coming up with a nifty rank ceremony in theme though.


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      Our theme is April's Jurassic Park theme. We were a little disorganized with the planning side of things, and thought it would be later in the year before we could pull it together.

      Fortunately, things came together quickly, so we can have our party in February after all. We're stickin' with the dino-theme.


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        Our B and G is in March so we are using the when I grow up theme. I'm not sure what the committee is planning, but they have asked for baby pictures from everyone and each den is doing a skit which may or may not fit the theme


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          The home Pack did "International" this year. Six Dens: different cuisine from each country: Germany, Japan, Peru, Mexico, China, Italy. Very tasty, flags, decorations. The skits had nothing to do with other nations, just "fishing" and "camping" and a scavenger hunt for "Cub Values".


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            We had a magic show also. I guess you could say our theme was magic although we didn't really have one. The kids made top hats as decorations for their tables. It went really well. Everyone got an award and a couple of parents that have attended MANY, MANY B&Gs said it was the best one they had ever been to. We came in at just under 2 hrs and that included the magic show and PWD awards.


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              We had our Blue and Gold last week using Fiesta!! as a theme. We usually go with the theme suggested by National, but frankly, American ABC's sounded boring, so our committee decided to use a different one. When we reviewed National's themes from past years, the theme from February 2004 sounded like a lot more fun.

              We purchased a bunch of platters from local Mexican restaurants for the meal, and we also had chips and salsa on all the tables. Each of our dens made decorations and did a skit or song. For decorations, my den (Bears) made piatas out of papier-mch, and for entertainment, I rewrote some of the words to "The Three Caballeros" so we sang "The Scout Caballeros" instead. Everyone had a good time, and the comments I have heard have all been that it was our best Blue and Gold yet.


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                We did the 70's theme, wow there was a lot of tye-dye shirts and disco dancing, we had a blast and the kids played a big part with decorations and planning.


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                  We did the Wild, Wild West (less the guns). The boys had to spend the B&G trying to figure out (which one of the "townfolk" robbed the bank and they were deputized with a star that had their new rank.

                  Last year was King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. Boys had a quest and were "knighted" with their new rank.

                  Other themes over the last couple years: Hawaiian Luau and Outback Adventure.

                  Gonna miss the B&G's as we had a lot of fun. After 14 years as a Cub Leader, all three of my boys are in Boy Scouts now (plus an older daughter in a Crew) so I am done with Cub Scouts (at least until the Grandkids come along (which better be a ways away!!)


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                    Our little pack has been doing its Blue and Gold banquet in late May or early June as a combined B&G and rank graduation. I suppose its been done this way because its easier to do one event than two. In the last few years there hasnt been a theme, just passing out awards and maybe a skit or game.

                    Im thinking of this years theme being The Last Blue and Gold, since it looks like it will be our packs last B&G. Im wondering if I should invite former Cub Scouts and leaders from the pack, and honor those whove kept the pack going for the last 65 years. I dont want to make it too gloomy, though. Has anybody tried this? Those who haaave probably arent reading this forum any more.

                    Does anyone know of any appropriate ceremonies for shutting down a pack? Think I ought to invite the District Exec?


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                      Den Zero why are you thinking of shutting down your pack? Why can't someone else take over if your leaving? I am sure if you got together with your district leadership they could try to help you recruit to keep it going with possibly someone that would be willing to take it over. Council may even be able to get a former eagle scout or a former member of your pack that would rather see it continue then to see your unit go away. Our unit has been around for 62 years and hope to continue to be around because we know we will always try to have someone to keep it going no matter if any of us leave.


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                        To summarize, we had tried everything over the last 2 years to bring new people into the pack, without any success. Recently, however, there is a glimmer of hope. We have a new family in the pack, who are starting a Tiger den, and have already recruited 2 new Tigers in addtion to their son. The father was a Cub Scout in our pack in the 1970s, and both parents have been leaders in Cub Scouts and Venturing with other units. If these people can't help get things rolling again, no one can.