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  1. We just started this with those interested in our Webelos den. We are meeting Sunday afternoons. We are not affliated with a church, but working with the church one of the families attend. The pizza theme seems to be a hit. Did have one boy try to compare Jesus with a zombie however for the first lesson. Quickly explained Jesus was resurrected, not re-animated like a zombie.
  2. Used at our Webelos meeting tonight. The boys got it faster than the dl
  3. The outdoor cooking is still in both the Wolf and Bear books. In fact, we have it planned for our next den meeting. We are going to bake cookies in a dutch oven and we bbq'd kabobs last year as a Wolf den. Karen
  4. Thanks Snow White for the info on Scouttrack. I was wondering about that as a couple of the boys in my den are getting close to completing two of the sections. I can't even imagine trying to get my son to complete all of the achievements and electives, let alone trying to get the whole den to do it and there's no way I would try. Karen
  5. Here's the cub scout myths I was told in my son's first pack You need to wait for all the boys in the den to earn bobcat or rank before presenting it and a leader had to retest the boys on the bobcat requirements (that one kept one boy from earning his bobcat for a year) Karen
  6. It is possible an adult other than the Baloo trained adult attending the camp is the one organizing it. Our pack asks for the families to step up to plan events including our spring campout.(granted it was pretty laid back and unscheduled) We had a number of Baloo trained leaders attend, but they were not the ones to put all the plans together. Karen
  7. Our pack's CC is at my son's den meetings only because it is at her home. She may provide snack, take pictures, help out if the leader or myself is unavailable, and keep the parents entertained away from the boys, but otherwise the meetings are left to the leader (her husband) and myself. I have yet to see our cubmaster at one of our den meetings. The prior pack we were involved with wanted all the dens to meet at the same time so the CC and CM could be available every meeting and that pack was a disaster. Karen
  8. If you don't mind bathroom humor Have all the boys in a circle passing around a propane bottle for a camp stove. After they have passed it around a few times, walk up and ask what they are doing....their response "passing gas" Karen
  9. At our pack fall campout/outdoor skills clinic we did the following with a late Saturday afternoon arrival at the site Saturday night family potluck bbq fishing belt loop - requirements 1 and 2, (did not complete 3 as the lake was too low) campfire - dens, families, leaders and individual boys participated in the program with songs, jokes, and skits. Everyone is asked to prepare ahead of time and find something on their own. This was followed by a flag retirement ceremony Sunday breakfast on your own as we waited for the 10am start time for the families that did not pa
  10. I would suggest you let the new cc take over, but request the old cc be available mentor the new cc as necessary. Karen
  11. My entire pack just started using scouttrack to track achievements and awards, but uses our website to list events etc. We are using Scoutlander for our website. Karen
  12. My son is only a cub, and for him these types of events fall under the heading of helping the pack go. When he whines or complains about them, he is told if he doesn't want to help the pack, he doesn't need to be a cub scout. I would expect him to do the same for his troop in a few years. Karen
  13. Melgamatic, Our committee sets the dues higher, but lets the boys fundraise so the parents have a choice to participate in fundraisers or pay the dues themselves. Our dues have been going down. When I checked the pack out for my son's tiger year, the tiger dues were over $200, but included several council events. We ultimately chose a different pack for his tiger year with dues of $5.00 per month. The choice had nothing to do with the dues. We had friends in the other pack and my son did what I required to earn the choice of packs. Karen
  14. My pack charges dues based on the age level of the boy. This year they range from $102 for Webelos 2 to $175 for Webelos 1 with the other levels falling somewhere in between. The dues include registration, boys life, awards, pinewood derby, awards, den supplies, and generally the book for the next level. They do not include day camp, but if the pack has funds they may pay for part, or council activities, it also did not include our spring campout last year, and I expect it to be the same this year. At the location the committee chose, each family paid for their own site and costs for swimming.
  15. When my son earned is tiger rank, I miss placed the badge. I went into my council office and they were able to print me the information I needed to replace the badge. We did not use internet advancement and I had filled out a paper form to purchase the awards for the pack. Karen
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