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    Rainman, Ask the RT Commish's if they need an extra STAFF members. I can't see how the age would limit you there.
    Anyone can take Commish training so go ahead and do that to get an idea of what the job entails.
    I think working with a Unit in another position for a few years would really help you in the transition from Scout to Scouter and give you a more rounded prospective of your adult volunteer career opportunities.


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      Mouse spasm, SP? Well, were I still a unit CC, I would inform my UC Nag that there are no such registered positions in a unit such as "Membership Chair" or "Advancement Chair"...they are all "MC" or members of the committee. How I choose to divvy up the duties is an unit internal issue (or not). It's not the job of the DE, DC or UC to micromanage the internal management of units.


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        Pappydaddy, BDPT and SP hit the sweet spot....

        UCs recruited solely to nag the units, fill spots on the roster for JTE, and otherwise annoy or micromanage the unit, bolster the negative reputation the UC corps has rightfully earned over the years.


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          With no disrespect intended, I've been in similar shoes so I know a bit, but 1) Officially you are too young as you do need to be 21 and B) there will be some who will completely ignore you, think you do not know anything, etc etc.

          As someone mentioned, if you want to serve on the district level you can be registered in the College Scouter Reserve, the only district position available to 18-21 yos. (BD, FYI college got into the situation because that is the official title of the position, and it's a district level one. I've seen it used to help some folks stay registered in college and heard about it for military folks. 92U is the Unit College Scouter Reserve position as is different). I know of one person in that position who was active on the district level under 21.

          Another option is to get active with the OA, especially as chapter chief. While not commonly known, CCs are defacto members of the district committee. I've seen 2 or 3 do so, and most folks do not know that.

          No matter what you do, be prepared for some negativity about your involvement on the district level. When I was a 21-22yo chapter adviser, I was ignored, patronized, told I don't know what I'm doing yelled at, etc b/c of my age. Just don't let it get you down.

          Good luck.


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            What I meant was that nobody had said anything about rainman being in college. He's 18. That's all we know. Might still be in high school. 92U has nothing to do with it.


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              Adding to an old-ish thread, but I just wanted to give my experience that young Unit Commissioners have not been well-received by the units, and I'm talking about early to mid-20's, not 18. We moved those folks over to the District Committee and it was a much better fit. Former Cubmaster, former Scoutmaster is really the ideal, because they can mentor the new folks in those positions. My District Committee could easily find a position for an energetic 18-year old - heck, I've been trying to recruit some young men to help us. Much of the Committee work is organizational and age or experience does not play a large factor for a subset of the work the DC is responsible for. Doing that kind of work and being around the Committee will build the experience necessary to take on some of the other jobs later.