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Who Will Do Your Rechartering?

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  • Who Will Do Your Rechartering?

    Who does the rechartering for your unit and how is the task organized?

    That thankless task has been made a good deal more difficult by Youth Protection Training requirements and mandatory training now required by many councils.

    The person doing the rechartering can often shift people around to different jobs. and may have plausible reasons for doing so. A good deal of mischief could be done by someone with a mind to do so and unit leaders who aren't paying attention.

    Anyway, how do you get this done?

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    Troop: Committee Chair.
    Crew: Advisor with help of CC.

    We try to get a couple of folks to review the charter before handing of to IH.

    We also try to get rolling a couple of parent meeting cycles before deadline, so if an issue comes up we can bring it before the committee. (Already had a general discussion of how to handle some issues at this month's troop committee meeting.)


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      In our pack, the Membership chair does this. However, this person also reviews our current roster every other month by asking for an update from council. The Committee Chair and Cubmaster also review the roster, and it's an agenda item at the pack leaders' meeting. We put as many eyes on it as want to see it.


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        I'm interested in finding someone other than ME to do the rechartering. It's grown to be more of a PITA each of the last two years I've done it.

        I sent out e-mails to all leaders whose YPT is expiring and those who need to get training to qualify for rechartering. I pointed out that summer was a good time to get that out of the way and get the paper work in to me.

        Results: NOTHING.

        I can see that a new qualification for rechartering will be being the pack nag to get this stuff done.


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          I feel your pain.

          I need a crew nag!


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            One way to knock out YPT for the group is to do a YPT session at the end of the unit committee meeting. DVDs are avalible from council/district. Reward those that have already done the online training and/or is current by allowing them to leave early (at least earlier than the rest). I've seen some units make all of their leaders stay for the training regardless if they are current or not, just to be sure everyone is good on YPT and as a refresher.


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              Our Committee Chair normally processes it. He was out of town for the turn-in, so I turned it in.

              The way we deal with training is we send out an email to everyone indicating what training they need. If they haven't completed it by recharter, we just don't register them.


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                Do they keep serving in their position?


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                  This year, me. Last year I left it to my CC (who was on her way out) and I got calls in April that it wasn't done (and she was non-contactable). Finally got the charter over the summer, and I see that our COR was now listed as an MC, too (rather then the 2 new committee members I recruited for her), so I'm guessing the paper was pushed by someone at district. Didn't get JTE, probably due to this.


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                    pack committee chairman. She is wonderful. Her boys have all graduated from the pack. She does a lot of stuff with the boy scout troop, but we really needed a chairman, and she has a lot of experience. We are really lucky to have her.


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                      Do they keep serving in their position?

                      Typically yes. There are many adult roles in a troop and most of them do not require a registered leader.


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                        If you have a Bear Den Leader who is now the Webelos Den Leader but hasn't done the training as WDL needed to register for that position, would you keep him as WDL but not register him?


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                          I do the rechartering for the pack as CC and COR again this year.
                          Since we just did recruiting, it won't be hard. we'll verify who is continuing and take payments for those who owe money.
                          For any leader not trained for their current position, they are not rechartered in that position. if they are minimally trained as a committee member, they may be rechartered in that position. but honestly the den leaders have been very nice about doin their training as needed, they really don't ever give me grief about it cause I tell them it's required so they go and do it. Baloo training or Webelos outdoor leaders skills are sometimes not completed yet since our district keeps cancelling them, but those aren't really required for positions anyway. YPT is always done, and encouraged to be done yearly as a refresher.

                          Now for the Troop I'm membership chair and I will do recharter.
                          This year will be a booger because most did their ypt 2 years ago and are fixing to expire on that. so that will take a LOT of nagging. I tell people they must do troop committee challenge if they are on the committee and they ignore me. The scoutmaster did his SMspecifics and IOLS in 1998 and refused to redo them, and they don't show on his council training records and he doesn't have the cards for proof--so that is a battle that the CC and COR will have to embrace.
                          Ultimate answer for who is rechartered will come from the CC and COR decision. Cause last recharter trying to enforce training with them was a clusterf. They've ignored recommended training for so long--yet have woodbadge trained leaders in high numbers--and they all want to say "oh but I have woodbadge" as if that counts for missing YPT.

                          anyway, the process I use for the troop is a training list for any registered leaders, circling the training titles they need to complete within the next month(this is on my to do list right now).
                          then I have a form for each scout and leader where I check off
                          payment? OA dues? have they updated their med form? have the adults updated their driving info for the tour permit? have they signed the annual parent agreement/permission slip?
                          and again on the adult payment sheet it lists adult needed training to recharter.

                          I have a parent meeting scheduled for Oct 22nd, where those forms will be sorted by family, parents come in, get their packet, check off the forms or complete new ones, hand in training certificates and make payment. Follow up collection of payments is on the next monday, with the plan to turn in the charter by November 1st. We'll see how it goes. Last year we were done in less than 2 weeks except for nagging training issues. hopefully this year the # of nagging training issues will be less.


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                            Reading 5yearscouter's post reinforces my theory that there ought to be a position as Troop Nag and Pack Nag, and training in this increasingly essential art form.


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                              I'm not sure nag is the appropriate word....