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What would you like from your Unit Commissioner

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    I tell the other commissioners it only takes one thing.

    Just go once in a while and talk to folks.

    Every Unit has their own unique challenges, and they will also face some pretty common problems.

    Having a good repertoire on how to handle those common problems gives you credibility. Having good credibility helps you handle those unique problems.

    But overall, there's no way you'll be helpful as a Commissioner if you're not present.(This message has been edited by BS-87)


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      Don't know. Don't have one. Haven't had one in years. District currently does not even have a district commissioner. Haven't had one going on three years now.


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        One thing I like about my DC, he doesn't forget the Cubs. DC and my UC showed up at a CS event this weekend to walk around, talk, and see how things were going. Plus I was doing the same thing, as well as scoping out the camp for CSDC use since it has been logged and more places are available.

        But Yes UCs need to go out there and interact with the units.


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          Hot button topic. In my ten years as a pack leader, I've yet to see a commissioner show up or call. We had major problems around eight years ago and I had to beg to get someone to show up and guide us.


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            One thing I'd like to get out of a UC is ... you guessed it, a UC! Never been in a unit that had one to my knowledge.

            Seems like a UC could be an asset though


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              My Cub Pack meets Mondays from 6:30-7:30 PM. A Scout Troop also meets Monday a half mile or so away.

              When the Cub Scout meeting is over, I often stop buy and catch the end of the Troop meeting. I'm pretty well acquainted with the adult leaders.

              Monday I asked one of the adult leaders if they had ever been visited by a Unit Commissioner. He said no, not to his knowledge.

              In fact, I AM a Unit Commissioner, and I've been turning in my visits on the Unit Visitation Tracking system on MyScouting,org. Any UC can turn in a report on any district unit they have visited.

              Yesterday I e-mailed my District Commissioner suggesting that I be the "official" UC for this Scout Troop, which would be my second "official" unit in addition to a Cub Pack I've been commissioner for since 2004.

              (I'm UC for one Pack, and Chartered Organization Rep for a second pack, the one that meets on Mondays.)

              So you might not know when a UC has made a visit!


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                ROTFLMBO. It's so true.

                I show up this weekend to do some commissioner work and promote CSDC at a district event. No one realized I was a commissioner, except the 3 or 4 who show up at RT, until I told them. And yes I had my commissioner patch on.


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                  I just received approval by the District Commissioner to be the UC for the pack I discussed a couple of posts ago.

                  So I'm a stealth Unit Commissioner no more!


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                    To have one.


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                      Hello Skeptic,

                      You and others who don't have Commissioners assigned to your unit might want to ask you District Commissioner to assign a Commissioner to you.

                      If you don't know who that is, you can ask your District Executive to forward a request to the District Commissioner for you.

                      Unit Commissioners don't grow on trees, an most districts don't have the Commissioners they need. But this could be a case of the squeaky wheel getting the grease --- a request might mean your unit would be assigned someone who is available.


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                        As has been said, a lot of units don't have Unit Commissioners because most districts don't have enough to go around. But if you feel that you need a Commisioner, call your District Commissioner, and he will be able to help. As DC for my district, I consider myself the defacto UC for all units that don't have one yet, and I'm available to help them if they need it.


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                          Commissioning for a Crew: Please remember that for a Crew, the Commissioner should have the direct contact with the Crew President, not the Advisor. The Crew President is (should be) in charge... of course be in compliance with YP rules.... speaking of which, please make sure to take Youth Protection for Venturing (YP2). It is different and covers missing ground that is useful. If possible you really should consider Venturing Leader Specific training.


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                            dfolson, I disagree somewhat. I realize Venturing may be different and I have no first-hand expereince with the program: I was a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, leader in both programs and serve as commissioner to pack and a troop.

                            But I view the Commissioner role as coach/mentor/friend and confidant of the unit leaders and committee to guide them on using the scouting program effectiviely. The crew advisors are there to guide and work with the president and other youth officers.

                            But I agree with you on training. A commissioner should have the same level of training as is required for his unit leaders: both to be on the same page and to be an advocate for the training since he knows the content.

                            I have cubmaster (online), troop committee (online) and will soon take IOLS & SM specific. If I had a crew I'd take Venturing-specific, Venturing YPT, and even consider Powder Horn.(This message has been edited by 00Eagle)


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                              dfolson - While I understand what you're saying and why you'd feel that way, I don't think it's appropriate. A Crew Adviser is the President's mentor as approved by CO. To have an adult advising a youth that is not approved by the CO does not seem appropriate though I'm sure many here would disagree.

                              Commissioners are the liaison to the Unit Leadership and sort of like Quality Control managers. That's not a role that has an appropriate function advising youth leadership.


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                                For years we didn't have a UC, or if we did they never contacted us. A few years ago one was assigned to us and he does a great job. He calls me every once in a while, occasionally show up at meetings, provides some good information and is always very positive. I'm glad we have him as a resource.