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  1. That's just silly (I'm thinking of another adjective but it's not appropriate): a UC doing a uniform inspection on a pack! Really?! As a new, and I'll be it green, UC I won't think of conducting a uniform inspection. It's not my place to do that! There's nothing in JTE requiring any quota on uniforming so what would be the point?!! Besides we're there to SUPPORT our units not badger them.
  2. It would be nice if they could take that design and make it into a pair of pants. I tired of the elastic waist!(This message has been edited by fireeagle29)
  3. I'm a brand spanking new UC and I currently have a Troop and it's Venture Crew assigned to me. What I would like to know, since I've never had involvement with a crew before, is what would a crew like from their UC?
  4. "My dad (Eagle of 64) said that you shouldn't wear awards that mean the same thing." Bingo! That's the way I feel about it. I haven't done it yet, but I have been considering taking a long sleeve uniform shirt of mine and making that my CoH/Eagle CoH/WB beading [formal] shirt -- wear my medal, service stars, etc. on that one and leave my Troop/field uniform simple with knots only. (This message has been edited by fireeagle29)
  5. Maybe it was the staff? I'm certain it was my fellow "patrol" members. I just came off course this past Sunday and I had a great experience -- loved it. Good lessons, had some fun doing it all, and met some great people. I do have an issue with taking the "easy road" on ticket goals. Oddly enough while I was serving on Eagle Scout BoRs last night I was asked if I was doing it for a ticket item. No. I don't find that doing BoRs is really something that pushes envelope nor does it take you out of your comfort zone. I have challenged myself with the ticket items I have before me for the next e
  6. Maybe it's the huanting words of my old high school Army ROTC instructor, a Vietnam Veteran D.I., scolding those cadets who looked like "pineapple dictators" by wearing both ribbons and corresponding medals that makes me hesitant to wear both the knot and the medal...
  7. Last night I was attending our Troop's court of honor, and a fellow Scouter asked wear my Eagle medal was. I explained that it was framed on my wall at home. It got me to thinking. In my mind it seems like it would be "double dipping" to wear my medal along with the Eagle Scout knot already on my uniform. Any thoughts???
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