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  • Jambo Gear Evaluation

    Just stopped at the Scout Shop, and they had some Jamboree gear for sale (Tents, Sleeping Bags, Totes, Power [?] Hats, Backpacks). I'm sure some of you have been getting E-mails. Anyway, I thought it would be good to have a thread about what gear folks picked up as a result of going to Jambo, and their evaluation of it. Maybe you could end with a price point as in "If it was on sale for $__, I'd buy another one."

    That way, if something in the back of the shop catches their eye, they'll be prepared to judge the sticker price in a thrifty manner.

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    I purchased a couple things specifically for Jambo. I purchased the GoalZero Guide10Plus solar kit. It worked well, except for in the rain and all. I've used it on a couple of outings since and have been getting good results with it. It also charged my Galaxy S4 directly and my little mophie brick, although the brick got really hot sitting in the sun. Not sure I'd buy another one. I charge a battery pack before a weekend outing to keep my phone topped off if needed. I'd have to evaluate the weight/need on a longer trip.

    Not a scout item and probably in the category of TMI, I purchased some exofficio boxer briefs for the trip. I'd buy them again at list price. Lots of walking, no chaffing, dried quickly, as advertised.


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      Not sure if mine are exofficio, but +1 on performance boxer briefs. Wish I could afford a drawer full.

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    The tents were adequate. Not suitable for backpacking at all, hardly even for car camping. Too big for that. I could see some camps using these for the summer. They fit the cots well. Speaking of cots, they were comfortable, but the slats not terribly sturdy. We had two fail on us, one adult and one youth. The troop cooking gear set up was effective. I could see this for large OA events. Not how my troop cooks though. Not a lot that we could use.


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      I thought they were selling the gear to units. I put in for a tent and a stove through our crew, but was told they decided not to sell them. Are they only selling them through the Scout Shop?


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        I purchased 4 of the used Jamboree tents from Supply. I understand the concept of used, but these were beyond used. Holes in the screens, cuts in the rain fly, first time use the pole for the rain fly broke on one of the tents, and all four of the tents smell horrible...not musty but they stink. I aired them out in an attempt to 'freshen' them up before use and they all leaked during a over nite rain storm. Best advice, even for $39, is to save your money. It seems these tents were designed to be disposable.



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          It rained the last day. The last night. The morning of departure. Camp staffs were instructed to help the troops pack everything away in the pods, wet or dry, get'em in, as they had been packed originally. We were told the Jamboree had a "contractor" whose job was to take all the gear and refurbish/clean/repair anything and everything.
          If you bought it from BSA, and it was damaged when you opened it, return it and ask for a refund.
          There were occassions of tents being damaged by the Scout and the Scout being charged the price of the tent. Maybe that Scout took that tent home? I don't know...
          Alot of the hard gear (cook kits, stoves, etc.) were to be kept to make up the high adventure bases on Summit site. Tents, dining flys, they were to be "treated" and sold, that's what I heard when we asked about that.

          Send it back and get a refund.
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            This is exactly what we were told when we packed up as well. Pack it up, shove it in the pods and get out. All the soft stuff was going to a vendor for refurb, hard stuff was going to be cleaned and stowed.