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Improperly dealing with troubled scout?

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When I asked Beavah what he thought the next steps would be if a Scoutmaster "took away rank", the answer he gave was the answer I hope most of us would be looking for. It was have an SM conference and a BOR.


In essense, "taking away the rank" wasn't really taking away the rank - it's more of a euphenism for suspension until the issues are properly dealt with. It suggests that "taking away rank" wasn't really taking away the rank to be earned again - but just a, perhaps, hamhanded way of getting the boys attention. (at least that's what I took away from the response - and Thanks for answering in the spirit the question was asked, Beavah).


But to suggest that the lad has to do all the requirements again and completely re-earn the rank? I'm just not good with that. All that accomplishes is humiliating and demotivating the boy - may as well just tell him to go ahead and quit the Troop.

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Wow.. Guess I missed an important message from Jim. I must have crossed threads with Jim at one point. When I came back the whole subject had turned, and I was perplexed at why we were talking about the turnover of SM's, and New SM's...


Good to hear Jim.. Seems you had a COR on your side, which makes all the difference. So hopefully you have time for the position if chosen, if not chosen or don't have the time. I would hope that if that is the direction they want to go in, the choose an SM that carries the same viewpoint & will work with you to achieve it.

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They did announce the new SM. I really have only seen at troop activities a couple of times, so I really have no idea at this point where he is headed, we will see. I do have the time and certainly would some day like to at least be asked to be a SM; however, I don't think it will be happening with the troop, as I am not a member of the CO.


I would like to say, once again that I really appreciate everyone's advice. Thank you.

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No, the SM has no authority in doing so as he has no authority in awarding the rank. Only the Board of Review has such authority. The SM does have the authority to impart discipline and he may very well 'suspend' the scout from active status for a period of time, which will impact his ability to advance to the next rank. I had a very similar experience also at camp and became a problem as that issue divided the troop! We are finally emerging from that cloud but it has taken several years to heal the wound.

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