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Update Re GoodKid's Eagle

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Remember GoodKid, who two years ago was dealing with a scoutmaster who was adding requirements, yelling, etc? (you can search for my old posts.)


I got a lot of advice from scouters on this site, and GoodKid left the troop and went to another. Several of you said to write back when he became an Eagle Scout, so I am - GoodKid is now an Eagle.


His new troop has been a great environment in which he's grown through service, outings and other activities, and leadership positions including SPL. I really appreciate everyone's help two years ago when he was in a difficult situation. And one more thing - the problemmatic Scoutmaster was replaced awhile after GoodKid left, because of parental complaints (not mine - obviously other parents also saw problems).


So, thanks for all the support when we were having problems, and Congrats to GoodKid!





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