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How many in your unit?

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Right now our pack is right around 31 boys on the Charter. The reality is we have 12 WEB II's crossing over in Feb. So we're down to 18 active boys. 13 Bears, 2 Wolves, and 3 Tigers, and even the wolves are questionable right now. It's tough because we have another pack who uses our CO's space and a lot of the boys from both packs go to the same schools and are friends with each other. But that's for another thread...


As far as the troop, we're at around 100 boys. Normally we get about 20-25 boys a year, this year we're probably going to be at 10 boys. We only lose about 2-4 boys a year from the new boys. The feedback we've heard is that the troop is too active! Between HA, Jambo, and our other trips, it can be intimidating to new parents. The boys that joined last year, would have been to 7 states in their first year. We are blessed to still have active Eagle Scouts still in the Troop and working with all the boys. It also helps to have dedicated leadership.

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Officially 94 boys as of recharter last week. I never realized we were a big pack, I thought that was about average.


I think a lot of it depends on who is your charter org, how many other packs are in your area, and how much emphasis the sporting life has in your particular neighborhood.


For instance, we are chartered through our local school, so it is hard to recruit beyond those walls.I would think that maybe a pack chartered through a church has more of a chance to go to every elementary school in the area and recruit from all of them. But maybe not, if most of those schools have a pack as well.

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Wow wish I had a quarter of the number you all have.

I have 10 scouts on my troops roster but only have 7 active scouts.

The unit is only on its third year but I'm not sure what is causing the unit not to grow. The active scouts and parents all love the way the unit is run but it's been very hard for me to get the numbers up. We are a young troop from 11 to 14 year olds so the leadership is not the greatest but I'm working hard with them and let them lead, plan the meetings and campouts.

I have a couple of troops around the area that are large 100 plus and they really do not promote their units and only have one join scouting night. They get at times 30 news scouts at those JSN. I invite webelos to two to three campouts a year and get positive feed back from Packs that attend our events but they don't seem to join. I know my unit is not perfect and I'm always open to suggestions.


At a lose here,



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In reading these, I am reminded of the disparity in how we do things.

If giving Pack numbers, please specify, same for Troops or if you combine and are giving a total number.


We are unaffiliated with any Pack, however, we have had Den Chiefs out to Packs when Troops that are supposedly affiliated with them wouldn't provided them any support, same for having a Pack camping night out with the Troop. We tend to draw a proportion of the Packs we support, but we never really expect that any of the potential Crossovers are "ours" until they show up at at Troop meeting after Crossover.


If you are a small Troop in an area and you feel dominated by the larger Troops, well, quit it, that is quit feeling dominated - it isn't or shouldn't be a competition - just provide a good program of outings with regular advancement opportunities and find out what the boys you do have want to do. Then make that happen. If you do this, more will come...


Oh, and about 30 in the Troop and we see various 20-25 of them every week - the rest(on any given week) have some Sports or Music or Debate or Family conflict.

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We have 33 in our Pack for our re-charter this month. That's 33 active scouts. We have found that 30 to 45 scouts is an ideal size for our Pack and a size our church CO can easily accomodate.


We experienced a "revolving door" last year. Our recruiting efforts added added 16 new boys to our roll last year but we also lost 17 due to various reasons. A net loss of 1. This paints a picture of just how critical to do planned recruiting at key events. If we failed to recruit, our Pack would have re-chartered with about 17 boys.



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In January 2010, after recharter, our troop was down to 11 scouts (minus 2 who inactive Eagles who were about to age out). By February 2010, after crossover, we were up to about 16 scouts (50% growth). The following year, again after crossover, were were up to about 25 scouts (50% growth). We have just received all our Webelos, some of which have brought along some friends, and we now stand at 39 scouts, the third concecutive year of 50% growth. Looking ahead to next years pospects, it is not inconceivable that we my approach that percentage again next year! These figures include scouts who have dropped out (4) and/or transfered to other troops (3).


We have had no scouts age out during the past 2 years, and there is only one prospect to age out this October and only one more a year from April.


As you may imagine, this kind of growth has had an incredible impact on our program. Luckily we have picked up over the past few years some excellent leaders who have some experience with larger troops. And though there have been growing pains, it has thus far taken place with suprisingly few bumps.

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Pack -- just saw the recharter 34! Amazing, from a pack that was going to fold after the first den, then after the second den formed, then after the third den disolved in the Bear year, etc... Of course 6 WebIIs on the way out, but a real culture of scouting for boys has developed at this small school.

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9 in the pack,

11 active out of 15 in the my boys troop. At the blue and gold the council commish said that she heard of a troop

that had more than 70! She was aghast and said you wouldn't even know everyones name! Such is the price of small minds...

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