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We Need Outhouse Police

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Things like this are always tough.

Even though I believe that sticking a kid in a uniform doesn't by any means make him into a saint.

I do like to think that Scouts behave a little better than the expected norm.

When they don't live up to our expectations, it hurts us and hurt the way we view Scouting.

A very long time ago I was on the Service Team at Walton Firs a UK National Scout Camp at that time.

Cleaning the latrines was a part of the job.

We used to term it "Cleaning the bogs".

While I never witnessed anything as bad as moxieman has posted.

Cleaning the toilets after other people is not something that can ever be called fun.

Kids are kids and kids do have accidents.

This is especially true at camp where some kids hold off, not wanting to use a bathroom which is strange to them.

My son did his damn est never to use the bathrooms at school or at camp unless he was there (At camp) for a extended amount of time or he really had to go.

At camp kids eat a different diet than maybe they do at home.

(Just today I had an inmate a big fellow come to me and almost whisper that he was embarrassed that he'd pooped himself. He blamed it on drinking too much Orange juice.)


I have no idea why anyone would want to vandalize a bathroom or shower that they more than lightly are going to have to use.

It can't be that they are seeking attention?

Maybe they want to see how much it upsets others?

Truth is, I really don't know.

The list of options of what might or could be done to try and prevent this from happening again is a very long list.

Many of the options have pros and cons.

My big thing is that a Scout is Trustworthy.

If we believe this we have to place our trust in our Scouts and allow them them to live up to the trust we place on them.

If I were the guy in charge, The District Camping Chair or whatever you call the guy who looks after District Camporees.

On the Friday night when everyone arrives at the next event I'd meet with all the youth leaders (SPL's, PL's) I'd explain what happened last time and let them know that this isn't acceptable. Asking them to talk to the Scouts, telling them that it just can't be allowed.

I might be very tempted to tell them if it did happen that photos would be taken and each and every parent would be receiving an email from me with photos of the damage.

(I'd have to be really upset to do that!)




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I was at Jamboree in 1997 and we did not have a problem with the port-a-potties being dirty or vandalized. We did have a row of potties right adjacent to our campsite, and the only problem we had was that every morning, just as we sat down to breakfast, the honey wagon would appear to do its thing. YUM! There goes the appetite!

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When I picked up my son after his seven weeks at summer camp, as dining hall manager, I noticed that the port-a-johns were being emptied by a truck that had the following slogan on emblazoned on - We're #1 at #2!


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