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National Website Has a New Look

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The content seems to be better in some respects than the previous version (Training in particular, for example)


-- begin rant ---


However, the navigation is exceptionally confusing. That little "change" deal on the top left to switch between "Volunteer" or "Parent" or "Youth" is particularly annoying. Why not some cascading menus or rollovers or drop-downs?


As an example, go to "Visitor". On the left side you have a list of choices under "Why Scouting?". Why no drop-down off of "Why Scouting?" on the blue bar above the content? The blue menu bar in particular could use a rework.


The one nice feature on the front page of the previous incarnation of the site was current stories, scouts in the news, etc.. That's gone and now the front page has very little, if any, actual content except for an absolutely giant area of page real estate to get you to the Join Scouting page.


--- end rant ---


There, I feel better now... :-)



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I changed my bookmark from scouting.org to this entry point



which makes it easier to reach Boy Scouts


and Information Center


which I commonly used.


For me, the same problems remain CONTENT and CONTACTS, finding existing content, and navigation is now more time consuming. Little advice, if you have a somewhat working website, you don't go live with the new website until it is ready to go live.


Still no contact list on website. So far not an improvement for me.


my $0.02

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Sweet Mercy.


BSA has thousands of volunteers who'd have been glad to do a final pre-production beta test on the new site implementation.


Instead, the IT department rolls it out without seemingly even thinking about the folks who already use the site.


Cue Forrest Gump: Stupid is as stupid does.

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I'm going to try and pick a rose in this patch of thorns. I like the 100 Reasons to Join Scouting on the home page. The pictures really capture what the possibilities are and show how exciting scouting can be. I also like the video on the Youth: Begin the Adventure page. The new site seems easier to navigate (discounting the links that don't yet work) once you get past the "I am a..." part.


Yes, they have a lot of things to fix and yes, they probably went live too soon but I think the site needed a new look and I for one am glad to see it.

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No problem using the link for the elearning sites.....the only disapointments were the weak courses. No where close to NOLS standards, being able to knock out 6 (Trek, YP and YP quiz, Weather, Safety Afloat, and Safe Swim) in around 45 minutes or so.

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Is anybody else having trouble accessing "MyScouting"? It seems my password stopped working and it will not let me reset a new password. Apperently passwords have to have numbers and letters now, mine was just numbers which is why I guess it won't let me in. I emailed their tech people at the address provided but no reply yet.


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