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You might be taking your Scouting too seriously if...

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I have had this list for some time. I imagine some of you have seen it as well. Finding that 25th hour in the day while at scout camp last weekend make me think of it. Add any if you like....



You might be taking your Scouting too seriously if...


You buy that '89 Chevy Caprice because you really like that fleur di lis hood ornament.


Your favorite color is olive drab.


You decide to lash together the new deck on the back of your house.


You plan to serve foil meals at your next dinner party.


You walk the streets in broad daylight with a coffee cup and flashlight hanging from your belt.


You raise your hand in the scout sign at a heated business meeting.


You were arrested by airport security because you wouldn't give up your official BSA pocket knife until the cop said "thank you".


After the last hurricane, you didn't mind losing power to your house for three days.


Your son hides his copy of Boys Life from YOU.


Your plans for remodeling the bathroom include digging the hole deeper.


You trade your 25 foot center console fishing boat in on that great little 15 foot canoe.


Your favorite movie is "Follow Me Boys" staring Fred MacMurry, and you spent months trying to convince Disney to release it on home video.


You managed to find that 8th day in the week.


You disconnect the automatic dishwasher in favor of the "3 pot method."


You sneak a cup of "bug juice" after the troop turns in for the night.


You can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.


Latrines at camp start becoming comfortable.


You felt you won a moral victory when BSA brought back knee socks.


You think campaign hats are cool.


You gave your wife a mummy bag rated for -15 deg F for Christmas.


You name one of your kids Baden.


Your favorite tune is "Camp Granada" (hello mudda.....hello fadda) by Allen Sherman.


You can recite the 12 points of the Scout Law backwards, in order, in 3 seconds flat.


You bought 10,000 shares of Coleman stock on an inside tip they were about to release a microwave accessory for their camp stove line.


You can't eat eggs anymore unless they are cooked in a zip-locked bag.


You plan to get rich by writing a best selling Dutch oven cook book.


You took a chemistry course at the local college to help you develop a better fire starter.


You actually own a left-handed smoke shifter.


The height of your social season is the district volunteer recognition banquet.


A trip to Philmont is a pilgrimage.


You are convinced the center of the universe is Irving, Texas.


The sales operators at the BSA distribution Center's 800 number recognize your voice.


Singing "Scout Vespers" makes you cry uncontrollably.


You were disappointed when Scouting magazine didn't win the Pulitzer Prize last year.


The Scouts in your troop chipped in to have you abducted by a professional cult de-programmer.


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"At your wedding reception your best man leads a round of the Gilwell song and half the groom's side joins in while the bride's side looks on in complete confusion."

ROFL! One of our troop's Eagle is in his mid 30s is soon to bemarried for the first time. He isa district scouter, WB ASM, Lodge Advisor,COR and much more. I will forward that to him (as a warning!). Brilliant!

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Please add the following:


most of your wardrobe is olive drab or khaki.

you keep a bucket of water by your side while cooking dinner.

you spontaneously break into strange songs in public.

you carry your own toilet paper wherever you go.

you always read by a flashlight.

your radio is always tuned to the weather station.

you hoard tent stakes.

you keep a lantern hanging outside your bathroom door.

you cannot walk by a piece of trash without picking it up.

you carry a dufflebag size first-aid kit in your car.

you always have hat hair.

you continue to wear it until it stands on its own.

you see paint samples in a store and immediately want to name things in nature with the same colors.

your pots and pans are all black.

you roast a mini-marshmallow on a paper clip over a candle; then put it on a golden graham with one square of chocolate, just to get the flavor.

you always cook enough food for twelve.

you always have a cup hooked to your belt.

all your dishes have little pieces of egg stuck on them.

you open letters with a pocket knife.

you know 365 one pot meals.

your "microwave" is a box wrapped in foil.

you buy your shampoo in little tiny bottles.

you have the urge to help little old ladies ... whether they want it or not.

everything in your cupboard says "Instant, just add water".

you really do use those emergency sewing kits.

you see a pile of rocks and immediately put them in a circle.

you know 100 uses for a bandana.

you wear thongs in the shower.

you have a collection of used candles and dryer lint.

someone asks for a volunteer and you find your hand is already in the air.

your favorite cologne is "Deep Woods Off!".

you can't remember which hand to shake with in the office on Monday morning.

you have the end of every rope at home backspliced or whipped.

you correct someone who says "Gee, I used to be an Eagle Scout/Girl Scout", and then get him/her to volunteer in your Troop.

you always have a boy/girl registration and adult leader application in your bag. And you have to keep replacing them.

you deeply understand the potential of a group working together.

you camp for a week in the summer with about a dozen old guys/women; about 40 between 18 and 30; hundreds between 11 and 18; and the whole thing works!

you know you have brothers/sisters all over the world.

you have helped raise each other's children.

you are proud of the mentors your sons/daughters have found.

you say "signs up" in a business meeting to quiet everyone down.

you find yourself discussing the relative merits of internal vs. external frame packs on a date.

your closets are full and they don't contain clothes, but craft stuff.

you have a special woven belt loop cup holder.

you know more than two ways to light a fire.

your gourmet meal consists of cornbread, "Spam," and bug-juice.

your front door has a zipper instead of a deadbolt.

your last birthday cake was prepared and served in a Dutch Oven.

you're the only one on your block with a fire pit in your back yard.

your "family vacation" includes 30 kids your wife/husband doesn't know.

you've ever heard the phrase, "Trust me, it's only an hour and a half a week!!"

you have holes in the pockets of your jeans from carrying a pocket knife.

you begin to think half frozen french fries don't taste all that bad.

You can stare at a spider web for an hour, and not notice the time

you wear 2 pairs of socks to bed.

you sleep under a trash bag.

you're always counting how many matches you have left.

you tie up your little brother, and he can't get loose.

you know all the words to Little Bunny Foo-Foo, but can't remember your anniversary.

all your clothes smell like pickles (from the bucket).

pie iron pizzas is the best meal you've had all week.

you have something on your shoe...and you're sure it's only mud.

you eat ants on a log and like it.

you wear bread bags on your feet.

when opening large gifts you survey the box wondering if you have a piece of foil large enough to cover it.

you order pizzas 14 at a time.

your neighbors hide when they see you going door to door with "that order form" again.

you have to go to the restroom and you start looking for a buddy.

you go to someone's house for dinner, don't like the food, and ask if they have peant butter and jelly.

you tie your shoe and check the handbook to see if it can go toward earning a badge.

all your shirts have pin holes in them.

you actually own the book, "How to Sh*t in the Woods".

you miss the "floaties" and "sinkers" in the office coffee.

your computer password is "TLH FCK OCT BCR."

you miss "cargo pockets."

you really love your self-inflating sleep pad.

you have seen the spiritual power the outdoors can have on men and boys.

You know who in your patrol can really cook and who's talent lies in dishwashing. And, you think a pan of warm water feels pretty good after dinner.

Your garage is full of what you used to consider trash, that you now consider raw materials for arts & crafts projects.

You have your own desk & filing cabinet just for scout related paperwork.

If your calendar is full of meetings that you never forget, but can't remember to send a birthday card to your brother-in-law on time.

If you have the local BSA office on speed dial.

If you stop by other people's house on trash day, rescuing items you can use.

You know all the best yard sales and thrift shops.

People don't recognize you when you're not in uniform.

if you catch yourself singing "God Bless My Underwear" when it's time to sing "God Bless America"......you might be a scout. if your "microwave" is a box wrapped in foil...

if your gourmet meal consists of cornbread, "Spam," and bug-juice...

if your idea of a burned-out lightbulb is a broken mantle...

if you've ever been mistaken for a park ranger or a State Trooper...

if the trash collector has ever requested that you not hang your bags between the trees in the parkway...

You take the family on vacation, And you stop at the Scout office to pick-up a tour permit.

You pack to go on a weekend trip to visit friends And you take your backpack instead of your suitcase.

You pack your suitcase(backpack) for the weekend And roll your clothes up instead of using hangers.

You are in a large group of people and someone tries to talk And you hold up the Scout sign to get them to quiet down.

You go on a family walk around the block And you take a map and a compass along.

You go to a public campground with the family And you rope off your site and put up the patrol flag.

Instead of building a fence around the yard with nails and wood, You lash it with poles and rope.

Instead of teaching your 1 yr. old son his ABCs You teach him the Scout Law and the Scout Oath

Instead of a Flower garden in the middle of the backyard You have a fire pit, with logs and stumps to sit on

Someone asks for a light and you pull out your magnesium sparker

A stranger asks for directions to a public restroom and you hand him a trowel and give him detailed instructions in the fine art of digging a kitty hole.

You pack your kids lunch box with things like foil packs, dutch oven cobbler and bug juice.

Derby Day has nothing to do with Kentucky or horses. It's all about a 5 oz block of wood and a ramp.

You ask off work for B-P's birthday.

And the number one way you can tell if you are a Scouter is: You take your own bag of Trails End, Butter Microwave Popcorn to the movies and ask the guy behind the counter to put it in the microwave for 2m, 33s exactly.

(This message has been edited by Ohio_Scouter)(This message has been edited by Ohio_Scouter)

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"At your wedding reception your best man leads a round of the Gilwell song and half the groom's side joins in while the bride's side looks on in complete confusion"

Actually, in our council we have a bride who raised her hand in the scout sign at her wedding to quiet down the guests... the only ones who didn't respond immediately were her son's family who certainly heard about it :)

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"ROFL! One of our troop's Eagle is in his mid 30s is soon to be married for the first time. He is a district scouter, WB ASM, Lodge Advisor, COR and much more. I will forward that to him (as a warning!). Brilliant!"


Go for it! We had all the Woodbadgers including me lined up front with their tux pants hiked up to simulate shorts. It was the most enthusiastic rendition I have ever heard. Perhaps aided with a few adult beverages.


The best part was seeing the look on my bride's face. She had some exposure to scouting but I could tell she had a sudden reallization of what our future had in store.(This message has been edited by NealOnWheels)(This message has been edited by NealOnWheels)

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"You have your own desk & filing cabinet just for scout related paperwork."


thank god I'm not the only one like this, but I have a whole lot more than that if you go into the non-paperwork...


1/2 closet for Servie Unit storage, 2 tubs of craft stuff, a shelf and a file cabinet for all the paperwork... then there's the 2 sets of shelving full of camping related goodies.


I sooooo wish girl scouts could get a trailor like the boy scouts do! It would sure help me empty at least 1 of those sets of shelves LOL


another thing to add is...

so use to having your handy tool at camp that you just constantly carry it...

and I can take that a step further by completely installing a garbage disposal using only my handy tool.

then today at a flag ceremony practice for tomorrows school program the Cub Master asked one of the teachers if they had a screw driver - I wipped out my handy tool and asked philips or flat head?

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This one happens to me all the time:


One of nature's creatures invades your office space. Your coworkers call on you to come get it. Not only do you catch and release the invader, but take the time to explain to everyone what it is. Of course, if you can't immediately identify the species, you go on the internet to find out and then tell everyone what it was.

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Fellow Scouters,




Well my wife is a real trooper. We we met, we both had teenagers.


As we dated, we told each other our backgrounds, likes and dislikes, etc, etc, etc. To include what social clubs and what professional memberships we maintain. As we began to date more frequently, after three or four weekends of camping or other events with the Scouts. She asked what she needed to do, to spend more time with me. I handed her an Adult BSA Application.


Of all the luck, our anniversary is has usually been during the Summer, which has been a busy Scouting month each year. Our honeymoon and anniversary have regularly been spent with other Scouters. She recently proposed that we get married again, during another (less Scout event frequented month); I swear, she's a genius!


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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My wife and I were in Amish Country in Ohio and went to Lehman's hardware. Basically this is a department store for the Amish. My wife said she would really like a Dutch Oven. I was a bit puzzled but told her I thought it would be great to have one too. So I picked out a nice Lodge, it even had the BSA logo on the lid for no extra cost. Paid for it and put it in the van. When we got home she was quite shocked because she had wanted one to use inside the house. All I had to say was "They make them to use inside?"

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