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Coed Dens - Pilot Program

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6 minutes ago, HashTagScouts said:

I don't have anything to add on the specific cases, but that was the prompt to change that NYLT courses are required to have a two SMs now, one male and one female.

Makes sense, but that is a lot of sexual abuse. And NYLT is generally observed pretty close. I wonder what is labeled sexual abuse.


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"here's your chance to be official." I remain dismayed at the ease with which scouters ignore the rules and everyone knows about it and looks away. Until this pilot there were no mixed gender dens, ye

The most violated rule in all of scouting is the charter org agreement.  From training to product sales, many charters are not following the agreement.   I think if units want to see councils cra

that was just a way of not coming clean about what the real plan was.  co-ed i believe has always been the plan . Just did not what to disenfranchise  some of the church based CO's right away

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