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Why do we need a National Council?

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6 hours ago, gpurlee said:

In our council, UMC represents closer to 30% of both membership and total units. Our council is clearly reluctant to endorse the affiliate model. Their stated concerns are a lack of professional staff to oversee the process, increased costs such as accounting and auditing and a very undermanned commissioner staff to visit and monitor units.  The national guidance apparently indicates that it should be volunteers who approve leadership, ensure youth protection is in place and fulfill the other duties of a chartered organization. Their strong preference appears to be that UMC affiliated units seek alternative chartered organizations. Unfortunately, the council seems to be willing to walk away from more than a one-hundred-year partnership at this point despite urgings from the national council. If the affiliate model is forced upon them, council leadership has suggested that the "council units" may be assessed a (significant) fee to cover the additional expense to the council. 

Given the loss of many of the evangelical churches, the LDS Church, most schools, the Elks, several Roman Catholic churches (at least in our area) among others, one has to wonder how many chartered organizations remain willing and available to sponsor Scouting if the UMC is no longer a significant sponsor?


I think this next round of rechartering will really tell us the future of the BSA and if it will be able to get through this. 

As others stated definitely too many councils. If you have less than 5,000 scouts a merger should take place.

Most of these small councils are hurting financially so I feel it is just a matter of time before a merger happens. In my experience money or lack of it drives mergers.

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