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What percentage of fundraising do you give back to the Friends of Scouting program?

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Pretty sure it's up to the locality. We had asked local Walmart for a donation and helpful store manager explained that each store has a specific $ amount they can give to "community engagement" each quarter, and once the quarterly allotment is gone. it's gone.

When my son was planning his Eagle project, he inquired at both our local Home Depot and Lowes for donation of materials. Home Depot HR manager was in charge of their community program, and she asked him to come back at the first of the next month and she would be happy to give what they could (seemed similar to Walmart concept, but monthly rather than quarterly)- ended up giving him four vouchers that were essentially $100 gift cards. Lowes was more tricky, it took my driving him there for several attempts to connect to "the right person that can help with that", and ended up being a one-trip shopping pass for 20% discount (which is the same as employee discount). The pack and some of our Eagle candidates have asked to fundraise at that Lowes selling candy bars and they've generally been OK with it, but they get a lot of requests from other groups, so sometimes we've been shut out or had to wait several weeks for time.   

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Welcome @MattySchnides! Zero percent!!!!!!!! And the DE response is laughable.🤣 Units do not exist to provide a cash cow for the council. Give them zero and ignore any other corres

When we stopped doing popcorn as unit fundraisers simply because sales were declining, we pursued other fundraisers and then still gave council/FOS a modest lump sum from each unit. It was generally a

Rather than give any money to the council I'd suggest going to one of the camps, ask them what they need that's worth about $250 and go buy it for them. They will be thankful. Do not give them the mon

Our Pack does popcorn "show-and-sells" at two fairly large retailers. I think the families who sign up are reasonably successful; however, I'm uncomfortable asking people to pay $20 for $5 worth of popcorn (but I don't begrudge those who do). We'll hit our Spring candy bar sale pretty hard. No one seems to mind paying $2 for a candy bar and the Pack keeps $1 for every candy bar sold.

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We don't do popcorn, because we'd never be able to compete with the Cub Scouts. We sell Camp Cards in the spring and last year First Aid Kits in the fall. Unfortunately we are never able to get table sales in front of a high traffic area. The one time we did get in at a Walmart they doublebooked us with girl scouts selling cookies and that was a disaster.

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