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Done Lurking, New to Posting

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I have been lurking now for a few months and have really enjoyed the information and resources available from so many different scouters!

I am a new SM for a very small troop, really we are just a patrol. I have been the ASM since the troop started a year ago. It has been rocky and still proves to be a challenge and brings a whole new meaning to the word perserverance. I love the scouting experience though and really believe in this program.

A little about my family - I have Webelos that will be crossing over to BS this summer with his Arrow of Light (he thinks he is 15 but is only 10) and I have a 12 year old 1st Class scout. My husband is a Bob White who scouts around the Army's Calender - 13 months to Iraq, home for 10 months and now to another year long deployment.

We have had an incredible amount of support from our Council and District and we have made life long friends - yes I am attending Wood Badge at Camp Freedom this year - my husband has dutifully NOT told me ANYTHING about Wood Badge other than Bob Whites are the best animal there is...

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Welcome. Enjoyed reading your introduction. Sounds like you are having fun and learning perseverance at the same time.

Woodbadge is awesome but I beg to differ. FOXES are the best animal...bob whites are but a snack. We all have to watch out for those bears tho....



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I will have to disagree with your husband. At Camp Freedom, the Beavers are definitely where is it at. I also attended Woodbadge at Camp Freedom and had a great time(and learned a thing or two as well). I think that the best patrol to be in would be whichever is closest to the dining facility and showers.


Over here, scouting around the Army's calander is an all to familiar thing. But I think that scouts is especially important to the boys who's parent is deployed. We need to offer whatever we can to keep them meaningfully occupied. I see lots of boys, outside of scouting, getting in trouble when their authority figure is downrange. I truely have a lot of respect for you "temporarily single" parents who still have the energy to keep a scout unit up a running.


Welcome to the forum and best of luck.


German Beaver

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Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your support of Scouting and for the tremendous example you and your husband set for our kids. We appreciate the sacrifice you make, serving overseas for the cause of freedom.

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