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  1. I attended Wood Badge this past June at Camp Freedom in Dauphte, Germany - it was awesome! The week long course gave my patrol the opportunity to really bond and enjoy the entire experience. Next year's Wood Badge is going to be even better! The dates are June 16-June 23. You can fly into Frankfurt and take a train and there will be someone to pick you up. If anybody has any questions give me an e-mail: Leigh.Jackson@TAC-BSA.org Council website: www.TAC-BSA.org
  2. I agree with you completely! This has been my dilema. While I was the ASM, the SM was in and out due to illness. The boys wanted to have an election so we did. The boys elected the scout they wanted as their leader. The SM came back the meeting after the election and made his scout the SPL. This scout was a 1st Class and in the 7th grade so he had more experience then the rest. I opposed this move as well as did the committee but hThe SM's point was how can a 2nd class scout be in charge of a 1st class scout. The reason this scout wasn't chosen as the SPL was because the boys did not w
  3. Falcon 93, I do not mean this with any disrespect but why 'make' a youth the Senior Patrol Leader? Why not allow the experienced youth, your Star Scout, to act as a Troop Guide for a short period of time until the other scouts gain more experience. The newer scouts can then elect their Patrol Leader and be a scout run troop (patrol). I know this is a controversial subject but the SPL is supposed to be elected by the scouts and not dependent on who has the highest rank.
  4. What a wonderful idea! It sure would save the $40 bucks you have to spend on offical shorts then the $44 bucks for the pants!
  5. Very good perspective - I like that much better!
  6. I have been lurking now for a few months and have really enjoyed the information and resources available from so many different scouters! I am a new SM for a very small troop, really we are just a patrol. I have been the ASM since the troop started a year ago. It has been rocky and still proves to be a challenge and brings a whole new meaning to the word perserverance. I love the scouting experience though and really believe in this program. A little about my family - I have Webelos that will be crossing over to BS this summer with his Arrow of Light (he thinks he is 15 but is only
  7. Hello German Beaver! I do not know which District you are in but Edelweiss is offering Baloo May 21st in Ansbach as well as OLS the 20th - 22nd. All scouters are always welcome! See you in Normandy
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