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  1. Here in East Texas they broke the news to us at the council committee meeting (CCC) in Feburary. we have been discussing the regs in our council day camp meetings. We are ALL having to redo our YPT with the new on-line YPT course. They have redone the on-line course. It has the required 25 questions and you can print out your successful completion card at the end. We are looking at borrowing one of those cellular wireless cards for out laptop so that any last minute volunteers can do the YPT. lynn in texas
  2. OOPs my mistake. Good thing I tell my son if any snake is in the wild just leave it alone. Now was that red on black. geen on red what was that again. does it have vertical slits in their eyes (I think that means they are poisonous in the US) do they have little pits on their heads. Is the head triangle shaped....just leave it alone. If you are that close to a snake to figure all that out then you are to close. I used to think the only good snake was a dead one. I have changed my mind about that. They eat rodents and other things eat them. Everyone needs to eat. I still do not want to se
  3. Oh we are so lucky here in NE texas. We have every poisonous snake native to North America. We have your copperhead - in great abundance. The watermoccasin/cotton mouth - again in great abundance around all our creeks/ponds/lakes etc...your rarely seen but still present coral snake as well as the often killed non poisonous king snake (red on yellow - friendly fellow) most people just chop the heads off before they decide if it is red on yellow or red on black. And of course the ever popular rattle snake. Not as common as other parts of the state but still can be found. YIPPEEEE. Wanta go for a
  4. My husband and I are part of the "new" we are by no means "young" but we are new to scouting. Our son joined in January of his tiger year and is now a Bear. Each year we have done more and more. We are now in a great pack. I am co-den leader and DH is the Pack advancement person. My husband has been banned from ever going to another district banquet. Last year he ended up being Cubmaster for our little dying pack. New people are running it now. Younger and with more contacts then us. Anyway...THIS year he got to talking to the DE and the Camp director whose wife is activities chair and d
  5. okay anytime your family says enough is enough no more stories or pictures. You can e-mail me. I love dog/animal stories. Amy the dietician/nutrition lady at work is always showing me pictures of her animals. So cute. You write very well. Very descriptive I can just picture everything going on. so again if you need to share don't hesitate. Tonight I am taking one of our many animals to one of the other cub scout packs in town. Will be interesting to see how many remember me. I cleared the room of most of the adults last year. Had several knocked over chairs. The boys loved it. This
  6. oh my $100. Our families grouse about anything over 40. We usually run anywhere from $35-$45 Depending on the crafts. Everything else we do is free or almost free. BB targets are pretty cheap as well as the bb's. We recycle the archery targets. We get ice for the ice chests donated. We do give t-shirts and patches to all the boys and volunteers. The forest service sends people out to do something with nature. I don't guess we have to stick with the theme but the council holds design contests for the patch and t-shirts. Thus by ordering in large quantities we get better prices. So think we alwa
  7. as far as breaking the youth protection rules. If you interpret youth protection as only protecting against child molesters then no he has not violated this. He has violated G2SS and put YOUTH IN DANGER. Thus by putting them in danger by not following posted no swimming dangerous current then that is definately not protecting your youth and I would not want the safety of my child in his hands. Just because he is not molesting my child does mean he is not harming him. As a stupid child once myself 10grader I was on a trip to Hawaii with my grandparents. It was Christmas day and I just had
  8. I'm not a big camping expert but I seem to attend classes that make me camp in the cold. WLOT it was cold. Wood Badge it was cold. Winter camp it was warm during the day but nippy at night to down right cold the last night. Anyway. Your tent is a big factor. It needs to have a full coverage fly thing. this will help trap air inbetween and act as an insulator. The tarp over the top is just one more layer and is more wind resistant air flow resistant adding more insulating ability. At winter camp the veterans used those big canvas wall tents provided by the camp and put their own tent
  9. Or you could be sneaky. The weebelos get to camp on there own with out the rest of the pack. Plan a really cool trip for them and when they get back and talk about what fun it was at the "new" campground the other kids will be wanting to go...heheheheeee.lol just a thought. lynncc Pack 403 Jacksonville, TX
  10. if you want to do a C.O.P.E course with the older ones with first year campers and the usually merit badge stuff they you might try East Texas Area Council. Camp Pirtle is in North East Texas between Longview and Tyler. They also offer small boat sailing on lake Murvall and they have a climbing tower to teach rock climbing and rapelling. Its east texas we have no real mountains...lol. Nice pretty wooded camp. lynncc
  11. Okay my main job in scouting is as a cub leader. But I am having so much fun with it that this year I volunteered for boy scout winter camp. Of course this year we called it last chance for summer camp. Unseasonably warm for this time of year. Except the last night (most of the boys had left after friday nights campfire) it froze. I wondered all night why my hind end was cold all night...found out the next day... Our summer camp has a great C.O.P.E. course and climbing tower. We have the nice airconditioned dining hall. it has huge windows that open when the weather permits otherwise its
  12. oh oh hey I'm a fox I used to be a fox and a good 'ole fox too. But now I'm finished Foxing, I don't know what to do. I'm growing old and feeble and I can Fox no more So I am going to work my ticket if I can Back to Gilwell, happy land; I'm going to work my ticket if I can. I am almost thru with my ticket. I have 2 open tickets to go. Both in the works. SHould be finished by the end of March. YEah. My husband is going this year. I wonder if he will be in my food chain...lol lynncc Laid back foxes...Laid back.......WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY Back trust me
  13. My husband has volunteered us(read ME) to be the new district activities chair. I am responsible for the program at cub day camp. My son enjoyed the first year. The next year he said it was boring the same old stuff so I want it to be different this year. Have no idea what other day camps do. We seem to do every year BB's Archery some kind of water activity. the pool has been broken the last 2 years Nature crafts games- which was hotter then....out on the basketball court in full sun doing basketball, four square, marbles etc...One day we did do space shuttle
  14. lynncc

    pack budgets

    how do other packs plan their annual budgets. Any examples out there beyond the basic, rechartering, boyslife, insurance etc...thanks
  15. get a copy of the program helps. Lots of great ideas with monthly themes to go by.
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