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Here's a wedding picture of my garbage cans. This is a  .jpg. So, what are the file extensions of the images you want to upload? BTW, it may be case sensitive,  so .jpg is okay but .JPG is not.


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Yeah, I don't know why it didn't like uploading the original files. I had uploaded the originals to Instagram. When you do that, it saves a reduced copy on your phone.

I tried uploading those copies and that's what failed. They failed from my phone and laptop. They failed doing file upload or opening them in photos and doing ctrl-a, ctrl-c, and then in the body, ctrl-v.

By using Snip and Sketch on those photos creating yet another version, I was able to paste from Snit and Sketch into the body of the posting.

So maybe Instagram adds something to the EXIF data in the file that this site's software rejects? The original images are over 31mb, so I know I can't upload them.


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