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Hello from Pennsylvania

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Hello all!

It is so hard to pick what to write about me. I am known around the internet as greenreddew for many many years. Even my car license plate says it.

I began my Cub Scouting involvement when my son was a Wolf. I was not really involved as much. Just dropping off and hanging out. The following year, I became Recruitment Committee Member. I handled the back to school nights, sign ups, etc.

At one point, I was a 'Den Leader' in the sense we had 1 Lion. So we hopped around and he learned about different things he will get to learn. We made it thru the Lion program this way.

Now: I am the Committee Chair for my pack. Mind you, my son is no longer in the Pack. He is in a local Troop that I am also involved in. Next step is becoming the Den Chief... not really leader but the person that overseas it for the Pack and Troop.

I am also a leader in another scout organization. Many of the sisters of the brothers are in that troop.

I am a mom. I am always around and do it all in that " one hour a week" :p

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