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"There is no Class A" isn't a helpful statement most of the time, and people should stop posting it.

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17 minutes ago, ScoutWithNecker said:

  Never embarrassing. Always a show of pride in belonging to the greatest youth movement ever - a movement whose universal symbol is the scout neckerchief or scarf.

The uniform is more for my application of scouting in developing character. And honestly, I've never ever seen it worn by itself in American Scouting. Which, has me a suspicious of the sudden encouragement of it by adults. Of course I'm not a globalist type person. Scouting is local. Traditionalist fits me better. My dad was a 16 year old scoutmaster during WWII. I got to proudly wear his shirts and hat during my scouting experience in the 70s. They really weren't all that different in color, but the material quality were much different. I was popular with the adults. 

As a Scoutmaster, the uniform was a tool for developing character, and measuring the mood of the scout. Just getting the scouts in our troop to make good decisions with the uniform is challenging enough without worrying about the uniforms of  starving Scouts in Mocodusha. 

I have said often on this forum that Uniform and Advancement are the two most challenging and abused methods for the adult leaders. If adults learned how to apply the uniform toward the BSA's Mission and Vision, the rest of the program would be a piece of cake. Maybe, peace of cake is more appropriate. 

I'm also a little surprised that National would support the neckerchief uniform since much of the funds for the Professional Scouters come from the uniform profits.


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