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Working With Others

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On 5/26/2019 at 9:55 AM, SSScout said:

Howdy,  fifthGenTexan…..

Whoever  ends up being your  CM,  it all takes cooperation.  The Scouts, no matter what age, see and pick up on "what's right" in inter human behavior by being around other humans bigger and more powerful than they. Parents, Scout Leaders, do they argue, or discuss?  Do they INSIST and REQUIRE?  Do they cooperate and get things done or sit around and (shudder) drink beer at inopportune times?

The best Scout Unit Committees in my experience have no "guidelines", if only the Scout Promise and Law.  These folks just know  what needs to be done how and talk and work and cooperate to get it done.  Some folks call it "consensus". 

The best operating units , the CM or SM have a very good relationship, open and working, with the CCh. 

Good luck to you.

My thing is... A leader should NOT have to be told not to smoke or "fake smoke" in front of Scouts.  If they dont get that, maybe its something that needs to be in writing so they do get it.  I had rather not get on someones case about doing the wrong thing, but geez....

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Hi @5thGenTexan,

That sounds great.  These topics it's often tough to know the other person, so I wasn't familair with your experience here.  Really glad to hear you put program first - not everyone does!

My main point is really the second one.  As Cubmaster, you have ownership for the success or failure of the pack's program.  The CC may have overall responsibilty for the pack, but you, as Cubmaster, have responsibilty for the pack's program.  The Cubmaster is the heart and soul of the pack. You most certainly have the right to establish standards for leaders.  In fact, you have the responsibilty to set high standards.  Be nice, friendly, and cheerful - but challenge people.  If they're slacking - ask why.  If someone is vaping in front of Scouts, you call them on it.  If you think people need to be in uniform - by golly tell them that.

A side note about your comment on recruiting - I've learned that different councils do things differently with regards to recruiting.  Our council is there in a support capacity.  Each unit organizes their own recruiting.  For what it's worth, our pack and troop do not in any way rely on the district or council to do anything or have any role in recruiting.  Our recruiting plan is our recruiting plan - we make our own success in this regards.  Of course, that sense of independence may be why year over year we recruit more Scouts that any other unit in our district.  I mention this not to congraluate ourselves, but simply to point out that we have a clear philosophy of ownership of our recruiting process and I tihnk it has helped up a lot.  We set our own JSN nights, organize our own events, and do our own outreach to prospective families.  The top of the BSA hierarchy is the unit.  The district, council, and even national - they are there to support you.  If you think a late September JSN is wrong, do your own.

Sounds like you are off to a great start!

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On 5/24/2019 at 10:27 PM, 5thGenTexan said:

Would it be inappropriate of me to developing a Leader guide that sets expectations and guidelines for our Unit Leaders?  

No smoking or any facsimile thereof around Scouts, uniform expectations for leaders, etc...  Everyone knows straight up what is expected of them?

If a parent is going to smoke or vape, I would rather that they not be in uniform. I would also want them to distance themselves from the scouts while they do it.

I think the problem is that BSA is asking units to register every parent volunteer as a leader.  Some parents can be very helpful as volunteers... just so long as you don't register them as leaders and have them seen as representing the unit.

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