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  1. Old Uniform Display

    I was a Cub Scout in the early 80's having earned my Arrow of Light. Today I finally found my uniform in a box from storage. I washed it once and it doesn't smell as mousey and dirty as it did, :). I think I may want to try to frame it for display. Any ideas that present well? I have Wolf, Bear, and Webelos neckerchiefs. I for sure have a wolf slide and webelos slide, but I am not sure if there if there was a bear slide or not. None of my hats really did well in storage. So, I put the shirt in the frame, 3 neckerchiefs and slides, my belt, and maybe put all my camp patches in there as well. My shirt has all my rank badges, service stars, webelos colors (and pins), also have the plastic thing that the beads hung on.
  2. Streamlined Cub Scout Adventure Plans

    I was a new Tiger DL this past October. I went down and bought the Den Leader Guidebook and put it in a 3 ring binder and even took it to a few meetings. I was sorry I wasted the money after I really looked at it. On my own I determined I could plan my meeting and conduct just using the Addendum. I wonder if who wrote the DL Guidebook has ever been around a room of 1st grade boys.
  3. The following is what I came up with last night. This began with thinking about planning for next year when my Tigers are Wolves and I just went crazy. Thoughts? I have never been a goal setter, just never got the hang of it. I guess I couldn't see far enough ahead to make real goals. When my daughter was born in 2008 we decided I was going to be the one to stay home, so I have gotten in a rut since then, not doing much aside from hanging around the house. Last fall the boy came home from school wanting to join Cub Scouts after the talk they had at school. Not long after I "joined" cub scouts too. My anxiety has reached new levels since then going to scary Roundtables and being front and center for den meetings. BUT, I feel I have done surprisingly well connecting with my Tigers and communicating well with the parents. HUGE accomplishments for me. At our Blue and Gold over the weekend I even survived being in front of EVERYONE without collapsing. Today I started thinking about how and when I really need to start planning what I am going to do next year with we start the Wolf program. Which in turn lead to Scouting goals that I can make. This year (May I think) I will complete BALOO and other courses, not sure what all that weekend will cover, but it is more than just BALOO. I will also complete an Adult / Child CPR/AED First aid course with certification. Next Year I am going to make every effort to go to Wood Badge. I am a non-swimmer, this was a big limitation when I was in Boy Scouts. To that end I will do what needs to be done so that I can pass the BSA swim test. I don't really care if I swim recreationally, but I will make it a personal priority to pass that swim test. My son will be a Wolf next year, and although it shouldn't take that long I have 4 years to achieve my next goal. I will at the very least complete the requirements for the Scout through First Class Badge. I know I can't earn the badges, but that does not mean I can't do the work. These goals will help me in Scouting as well as become a healthier happier person.
  4. Sad sign of the times

    Yesterday in a FB cub leader group someone suggested that maybe BBs should be removed from cub scouts as a way to prevent school shootings. BSA shouldn't be promoting the use if firearms or something of that nature.
  5. Cub Scout Patrols

    Our troop is in the same building as the pack. We have a scout hut where everyone goes. More than likely some of us will move up by that time. Additionally I think the pack and the troop are going to be on the same page pretty much. The troop was at our pinewood derby... They did the flags before we started and helped keep the cars in order between races. So the pack and troop do work closely already.
  6. Cub Scout Patrols

    In our pack its been kinda decided the Webelos are going to adopt the patrol method and start learning the real skills they need before joining the troop. Its also been suggested that the lower dens are going to act as patrols. Instead of one person cooking for everyone each den (DL) will cook for themselves. Our. Campout for this weekend was cancelled because its supposed to be wet and cold and seems like everyone has been sick. So we are going to just do a Beaver Day work day at the local camp. I was planning on taking a 10x10 popup canopy to cook under and a place for people to get out if the rain if needed. I never felt good about it but it would have been the best option. I want to propose to my leadership we put together a real dining fly or two. Webelos should be able to or learn quickly to set one up. I would like for my Tigers to be introduced now to the idea. Its something they can help with unlike cooking or anything with fire at this point. Start at the very least seeing what different knots are used for, start working as a team to complete a task. By the time these Tigers are Webelos they would be able to show up at camp and setup quickly without thinking about it. Also think a nice dining fly setup would be awesome during out city festivals. Would be a more impressive display than a popup canopy and a table.
  7. Cub Scout Patrols

    "Sit upon" Sit Upon Saw another jewel the other day where someone wanted to make paper dolls so her den could dress them up to illustrate differences. Or something of that nature. It really scares me what some people are doing.
  8. Cub Scout Patrols

    No, not talking about cutting them loose and do it on their own. Its my understanding each den will have its own cookbox. The campout that isn't going to happen this time we were going to cook breakfast and dinner at the den level. Tigers do Tiger Bites so they have (at least mine do) an understanding of what is healthy and what isn't. I see no reason they can't help plan the menu. They can't cook but in instances they can sure help prepare. Foil pack meals come to mind. If each den had its own dining fly to set up.... Tigers can help unfold the tarp, they can help straighten lines, etc. They cant drive stakes or set poles upright. They can start seeing how a particular knot is used. Start learning to work as a team with a tangible goal. It didn't happen this year but next year I fully intend on Denner elections on a regular basis for their Wolf year. I think there is a lot that can be done that is age appropriate while preparing for the eventual crossover to the troop. I do not believe making "sit upons" does anything to achieve that goal. Yes, I saw this week on FB of big plans to have a den decorate a bucket and make a cushion seat with pretty fabric.
  9. Do Tigers bite?

    I am a greenhorn den leader for a group of Tigers. We have 16 boys, but going to make two dens. Although will probably have meetings together. Myself, another DL and a ADL. So three leaders for 16 boys. I am a little anxious about this. Speaking on front of people isn't my favorite thing anyway. I figure it will work out or I will need to ask for a committee position. ,
  10. Do Tigers bite?

    Update: of 17 Tigers 10 will be awarded the rank. 4 never showed up after recruitment and 3 didn't show up but a couple of times. AND I can call em all by name too.
  11. Who Should Attend Committee Meetings

    Is it always appropriate for den leaders to attend den meeting or just let the committee members do their thing and tell the den leaders what they need to know? If a den leader is there should they provide any input or suggestions or just sit in the back and be quiet? (Asking as a 1st year Den Leader)
  12. Who Should Attend Committee Meetings

    1st of all I'm a first year Tiger DL that has been involved all of 5 months now. I don't know enough about whats going on to have any valuable input in the meeting. As far as I can tell DLs aren't voting members. I kinda feel I would be better off waiting for the CM telling what I need to know. Already in IMO overstepped by asking the CC something and he told me it was something to bring up in the committee meeting. Last night it came to me that I had too many ideas and just making the CMs life harder than it needs to be. I feel like I haven't served the time to deserve to be in that room and as a newbie need to keep my ideas to my myself... In a nut shell.
  13. Cub Girl Uniform

    Well those are 1984-85 prices. You are gonna need a Delorean.
  14. Cub Girl Uniform

    What about yellow and green?
  15. When to wear uniform

    Since this thread has been resurrected... This summer our district is holding Twilight Camp. (day camp at 5:30 - 9:00 pm). Its individual sign-up, we aren't doing it as a pack. I have a Tiger, it will be after May 31 so he will be a Wolf by then. My question is... If I am not staffing should I wear my uniform to that function or just go as a parent. Also, I have finally gotten real BSA green pants with the official belt, haven't bought the socks yet. I was quite (not sure what word to put here)... the other TIger DL showed up in jeans this afternoon which I was wearing as well up until last week. What really bothered me is the knees of his jeans were torn out. Really tacky looking.
  16. Practical Tiger Skills

    Shortly after the beginning of the new year the boys that have shown up to most if not all the meetings will make Tiger. Might have one or two that are short a belt loop by that point, but we have a camping trip planned in Feb. to make up much of that. It might not be a popular view, but I am not exactly enamored with some of the content for the elective loops. I would like to have a den meeting or two with something more practical for a Scout that of course is age appropriate. Things in our pack are changing from how they were done in the past. For instance, it has been discussed that each den will have its own chuck box and cook their own meals. I know that Tigers wont be cooking on a campout, but they will be able to observe the responsibility to provide the meal and not just come when its time to eat. So, what are some things we could work on to learn to be Boy Scouts some day? Personally I don't think things like making up a magic trick cuts it.
  17. Advancement + Grade Level

    Say a boy needed to repeat the first grade. If he earned Tiger does he go ahead and work on Wolf with the rest of the den even though he is doing first grade again or is he effectively done with Cub Scouts since there is not really a way to catch up with a grade and age match?
  18. Advancement + Grade Level

    He has earned Tiger as of last Sunday. We found out half way through Kindergarten that he has a vision problem. So he is still kinda playing catch up, while everyone is moving forward. So the problems at school aren't transferring over to scouts. I never considered him repeating the Tiger year as someone suggested. I figured if he was not going to be able to advance to Wolf then he would just be finished all together. Not repeating Tiger and waiting a year to go on the Wolf track wouldn't work out either. I talked with our CC and he is telling me its based on age OR grade, so I don't think there is any reason he cant move on with the rest of the den.
  19. Advancement + Grade Level

    1) The boy in question is mine. 2) I am the DL. 3) We talked about holding him back in Kindergarten bet decided against it. I sent a message to his teacher tonight to see if its something to think about. So, its not a done deal yet.
  20. Old Uniform Display

    Well... everything is just as it was the last time I wore it. I don't want to take everything off. If I can get a nice presentation I might take it to a den meeting to show. My Boy Scout shirt is a different matter. It was not as nice of an experience as Cub Scouts. I think I will remove everything from it and pass the shirt down to my son when he is ready for the tan shirt.
  21. Wayback machine... 1983-ish

    I was in cub scouts during that era and my dad was cubmaster. My recollection is he NEVER wore a neckerchief and slide of any kind. He did wear a long sleeve shirt and necktie. This is a photo of me getting my Bobcat badge, and that is my dad (CM) holding me.
  22. Old Uniform Display

    In that case I might see if I can come up with another slide and place em on the wolf and bear neckerchief and polish up my Webelos slide for that neckerchief.
  23. Old Uniform Display

    I found a photo recently of the night I received my Bobcat badge (I was upside down) I was surprised to see the flag there instead of the shoulder, I just didn't remember that. I also have my dad's uniform from the 60's and there is no American flag at all.
  24. Scouters With Anxiety?

    During the recruitment meeting I kept saying in my head "don't look at me, don't look at me" when they were talking about adult volunteers. I have anxiety problems that seem to get worse when I am tired. Surprisingly I have almost no issue when I am up in front of the boys during den meeting, or not much of a problem. However, going to my first Roundtable last month was a different story. Had the wobbly legs when I got there and was worried I was going to have to sit down during the Pledge of Allegiance... they had Boy Scouts there describing each part of the Pledge as we went along. Worried about BALOO, Woodbadge, and other day long training where I cant just leave if I go into panic mode. I know it sounds weird, but... Any others, or do people like me just typically not volunteer for leadership positions?
  25. Scouters With Anxiety?

    Today was the deadline so I went ahead enrolled for university of scouting in a few weeks. My CM knows I'm nuts, and there is another more experienced DL with anxiety issues. So, at least it's not my little secret within the organization. Anyway my CM just happens to be in my first class and we will have lunch at the same time. I have my emergency meds from previous flare ups so I may just take a small dose to calm me down enough to get through the morning. I feel like I should be fine after that. I walked in the Christmas parade this past weekend in spite of the weak legs. Once we got going and my mind was on keeping boys from straggling I was fine.