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El Rancho Cima Death March patch

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Does anybody have an El Rancho Cima Death March patch they'd be willing to sell?

I've got a scout in my unit who earned the patch by doing successive 5-mile, 10-mile, and 15-mile hikes, but unfortunately, he lost the patch.

He's a good kid who was immensely proud of being able to accomplish it because he was only 11 when he went to El Rancho Cima. That patch meant a lot more to him than any merit badge or rank insignia he'd earned.  I'd like to surprise him (and his parents) with a replacement. It's kind of hard to do that though now that the camp has closed and been sold off to a non-BSA organization.



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You might check eBay every now and then. There are a few death march patches on there, but not that exact one right now. 

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Oh man!  I don't have one, but I had one once and now it's lost!  I seem to recall mine having red lettering.

Cima was my favorite summer camp as a kid.

(As an aside, has the sale of Cima gone though?  I knew it was on the market.  I had a "gentlemen's agreement" with a few of my old troop mates that if one of us won one of those huge Powerball jackpots we'd buy the place!)

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