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I need a "shiny" red numeral 1.

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Help! My daughter's numerals on her Cub Scout uniform are mis-matched. All her numerals were upcycled from previous uniforms. Two of the three numbers have the kind of shimmery style red background, and one (the numeral 1) is the plain matte background. 

Does anybody have a shimmery background red #1 patch they would be willing to part with for a reasonable cost? I have a few random things I could trade, including some other red numbers (not sure which ones, I know I have some 5s to spare). 

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Just checked my drawer. Not only is the "1" that I have not shimmery, it's a little dingy.

Just my opinion: There's something special about insignia with a little age and mismatch. It's like inheriting a bit of the careers of different scouts and scouters. If you can't find used matching #s, help your scout save up for a new set with her own money next year.

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I'll keep my eyes open. :) I think the ones I have were salvaged off uniforms from the "uniform bank" at the round table. 

It doesn't bother my daughter one bit, but OCD runs in my family... I don't actually have OCD but every once in a while I can display OCD-like annoyances at minor things like this. 

I've been scouring ebay but after squinting at hundreds of photos of patches for sale I still can't find a shiny numeral 1. 

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