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Around this time of year is a great time to talk to parents about may come under a Christmas tree.  I always seemed to get a knife every year for many reasons.  I'm sure there are a lot of scouts and scouters that can lend a can opener type for this requirement.  I am not one for loaning knives as someone always wants to pry and break a tip off.  Before parents go out and spend a lot on their scout's first knife, I would caution that most scouts do three things with their first knife: 1.  have to sharpen it regardless whether it is sharp or not; 2. cut themselves.  nuff said; 3. lose the knife somewhere.  There are lot of used Victorinox knives on the big auction site for cheap bids.  The original 4 blade/tool Boy Scout knife made in Ulster or Camillus worked great.  The current BSA 4 blade knife is from China and costs about $20.  Not my recommendation. 

BTW, the orginal blue Cub Scout knife didn't have a can opener, just the spear blade, awl, and bottle opener.   hhhmmm? 

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I just used mine a couple weeks ago when the can opener at the place we were staying broke.  Be Prepared and all...... Separately, don't buy cheap knives, they are probably just as dangerous as d

Because when I was a kid, I couldn't wait to get a spoonful of crushed condensed tomatoes!   Almost as exciting as helping dad open cans of motor oil.

Ask your parents if any of them have a knife with one. It's best the boys learn on devices they can access everyday. Regardless, if it's your own money, it's better to just buy one or two of your own

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