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Webelos Dad wants a fast track for scout

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I’m getting too old for this (my own eagles are aged out). But we try to help keep the program going on our town. 


Got a request that we fast track a Webelos.   Scout is a young 4th grade student with a late summer birthday. Dad says he doesn’t feel close to the kids in the den. Wants to hang out with the kids in the arrow of light den. (They’ll Meet concurrently - on separate side of the room after opening - to ensure 2 Deep we are that small).   Dad thinks son is much more mature and academically advanced and started reading thru the Webelos/AOL requirements feels son can complete with the AOL den and cross over. 

My concerns are:

son wont be 11 by cross over and will not have completed the 5th grade.   And it sends a bad message to the others in the den.  Could this derail a potential eagle application down the road?  

Mare we on the Committee going to be harsh if we say - stay with your age group it’s set up like that for a reason?  

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Short answer regarding Eagle app: no. Worst case scenario he's a camping maniac, meets requirements at age 11.4 and someone doing the math tells him to wait six months for his BoR. meanwhile he keeps earning MBs and racks up instapalms. Not pretty, but not calamitous. But if he's anything like the one scout in Son #1's den who started a little early, he'll take his good old time, and that gun-jump will be of no consequence.

You all sound a little harsh. I'd tell the scout that if he completes his Webeols badge, he can start attending the AoL, then next year he could be a denner for his buddies in his grade and help them to AoL quickly and move on to more fun things. As soon as he meets the age/grade requirements for crossover, he can do so. Talk directly to the scout. If he's mature enough to read, then he's mature enough to know what is required for crossover.

Don't make this a committee decision. Read the book, do what it says, flex where you can.

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1 hour ago, Momleader said:

son wont be 11 by cross over and will not have completed the 5th grade.   And it sends a bad message to the others in the den.  Could this derail a potential eagle application down the road?  

  1. Be active in your Webelos den for at least six months since completing the fourth grade or at least six months since becoming ten years old.


Finishing AOL and crossing over requires finishing 4th grade plus 6 months and or six months since becoming 10.

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Some scouts do mature faster but this is a little unusual because they like to stick with their friends. Are these scouts not his friends?

10 is a funny age, seems like there’s a huge maturity gap between them and 9 year olds. Typically the problem is opposite, the more mature scouts drag the less mature scouts along. 

If this is a parent pushing, I would not suggest battling to make a point. And while unusual, I wouldn’t worry that it sets a bad message. If they aren’t tight group, the other shouldn’t care much. Qwazse has a good suggestion.


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I would just read the requirements to make sure he's qualified to become an AOL scout and cross over.  I like the idea of challenging him to complete the Webelos requirements before a promotion.  The kid can work for it.  Talk to your committee, this isn't just your decision as it affects two of your den leaders.  What do they want?  It's not just all about this scout and what the scout wants. It's also about being part of the Pack community and following BSA advancement guidelines. 

This web page may be helpful. A 4th grade student is a Webelos, but if they complete Webelos they may begin work on AOL.



I would guess that this family wants their child to join Boy Scouts next year at age 10 with an AOL award qualifier, and then will go for Eagle at a young age.  But that isn't our business. Just follow the advancement guidelines. 

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My son got motivated to arrow out early after he saw a boy in his old pack arrow out.  (It was a case of negative emotion turned positive.  The other boy always picked on my son and when my son saw him arrow out on time my son decided he could to it too.)  In short, my son was 10.5 yrs old, been with the scouts for more than 6 months (since first grade) AND completed all of the AOL requirements. 


His troop has embraced him despite being young.  (It is important to find the right troop too).  He has about 1 year in with his troop and he already has 11 nights of camping and loves it. 


The moral of the story is: It should be the scout's decision, not the parent's.



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