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Using Online Applications for Crossing Webelos Into Troop

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Has anyone used the online application in my.scouting to enroll Webelos who are crossing over?  We are just starting to use the online application, and the first parent who tried to register said she received a message saying that he is registered already and if they need or want to transfer, they need to contact the scout master.  When I check Application Manager I don't see anything indicating someone is trying to join the troop.

My second question is whether folks using the online application find it easier, harder, or neutral to use compared to old fashioned paper applications.


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Unless something has changed, it's not available for transfers yet.  So you still need to do paper applications for transfer Scouts and adults.

Overall, I thought the online application was great, because I didn't have to run around getting signatures or go to council to turn in a check.  Everything was done online, and the Scout had a BSA ID # immediately.

However, one drawback is that there is no way to include unit dues or activity fees (whatever you want to call them).  So you have to be clear with the parents on that point, so they understand why you're asking them for more money.

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You're correct; turns out it can't be used for transfers, which is what a Webelos crossing over is. 

The unit guide for the online application said "Youth and adults who use this system should be new to Scouting or be currently registered in a unit and applying to multiple in a different unit than the one in which they are currently registered. This system is not designed to register non-paying adult positions, position changes in the same unit, or youth or adult renewals."

Since it didn't say it wasn't for transfers I was hoping the "multiple" part would cover them.  

Our Pack used the system successfully for new Tigers, but since 90+% of new scouts for our Troop are either transferring from Webelos or another troop it is effectively useless to us.  This is disappointing but I guess not surprising given BSA's track record with technology.

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The online systems works ok overall for new scouts; however, we ran into a couple of issues. 

- The system seems to only work ok with certain browsers and parents have stated they had to try multiple times to enroll.

- There were issues with the credit card system early this year that led to multiple parents being charged 2-3x for the same app.  It took well over a month to get credits back from BSA.

- Some parents who were confused accidentally registered existing scouts (the system should flag someone if it notices the same name/birthdate/Pack for a scout app).  It doesn’t, and charges the parent and creates a BSA number.  As CC I can reject those apps but they go into a black hole and take 6 months to credit the parents back.

The benefits is that you can auto load Scoutbook and it handles the payment to BSA.  As mentioned earlier, I would love to add Pack dues as parents can be confused that there is an additional charge (even though we added a clear message in the online system).

This is definitely a step in the right direction, they just need to keep working on the tool.

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