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Hi from Texas Scout Mom

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Hello! I was pretty cynical about this whole scouting thing until I went to summer camp at Camp Alexander with my son's troop this July. I was the only girl among 50 scouts & 20 male leaders. Let me tell you, that was a life changing & amazing experience. I loved every minute of it. The values, skills, and experiences that Scouting provides those boys are so important (and seem to be fading away in today's society). I keep joking that I wish I could be an Eagle Scout. I'm so happy to be involved with this organization. 


I'm an Aggie veterinarian, mom of 2 boys, living in the north Texas area. My husband isn't a huge camping fan, he's in charge of meetings and monitoring advancement stuff & I'm the merit badge counselor and camping helper. Someday I might become an ASM, but I'm currently about to be the president of my local Vet Med association, so I've got to hold out till that obligation is over before taking on another one. 


Nice to meet y'all. 



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