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Son is looking forward to jamboree ...

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But he is not looking forward to the overhead of the "Jamobree Troop".


I get why they do it that way, logistically, for huge events, you need things broken down into uniform manageable sized units but still, extra uniforms, troop tshirts, meetings, and so on aren't high on the "this is fun" chart.


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Meetings are necessary for planning the trip.   Travelling to and from the Jamboree in uniform, and attending shows at the Jamboree in uniform are part of the experience.   T-shirts make it easier for the leaders to keep track of the boys.  (You don't want your son to become lost on a tour do you?)    If your son wore the same uniform for the entire trip,  I'm sure odor and dirt would become an issue.

Hope he has a great experience.

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