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Before the purists jump in, I'll point out that like Stosh, the main function of our camper is as a portable hotel room to save money on hotels and food.  As they say, a Scout is Cheap--er, I mean Thrifty. 

I'm an RV'er and on your side, but I have to think that in many cases, most perhaps, this isn't really being intellectually honest.  Unless a camper was bought at a very bargain price, and it's used it a lot, it'll likely cost more per night in the long haul than hotels.

          Considering purchase price, maintenance, fuel to drive or tow, campground fees, etc....

RVing is a great way to travel though, and I'm like you in that i love having my own mattress, my own shower, etc.... and it's good family time.

(I had a popup, and traded up a few years ago to a class c motorhome)


I still like camping though (in a tent), and that's a small part of my appeal in being active in my son's scout troop.  It's the only excuse I have anymore to sleep under the nylon

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