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tiny lapel pin / tie tack question

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About four decades back when I had just returned from Philmont for the first time a friend gave me a small bronze pin he said he found somewhere.  It looks like a philmont arrowhead about 5/16 " long but with a tiny red triangle in the center.  I assumed ( oh that word!)  that it was some sort of OA Vigil award and therefor unwearable by me. So I put it in a little box along with some year pins and such.  


Any one know what it is?  Or where I should look?

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Posting Pictures - Photobucket


Open a free account at http://www.photobucket.com  (or some other free web-hosting site.  Directions are for Photobucket.)


"Upload" pictures from your computer/device to your Photobucket account using Photobucket "Upload" button plus the Photobucket "Choose" button.


At your your Windows "Pictures" page, "open" a picture to upload it to PhotoBucket.


When the progress bar has filled, the picture is uploaded and an mage of it will appear to the center left of the Photobucket page.


Left click on the image of the picture that has appeared.


A larger image of the picture will now appear. 


A list of links also appears.  Left click on the bottom "IMG" link.  This is the "copy" step in Windows "copy and paste."


Go to your post here at BladeForums and "paste" the link in your post. 


Save your post.


Better pictures help get better info.

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Yup, an Indian Guides Pin.   Darn, I was hoping it was a vintage Vigil lapel pin for non uniform wear.   I guess I could still wear it, I was in Guides for a year or so.  Unlikely though.    Thanks anyway  Tahawk 



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