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Would your scouts ask an adult to show ID at accident scene?

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The only ID needed is a statement I have first aid training.  Most EMTs are Certified, not licensed.  Semantics, I understand but it it is a legal difference.   I have been a certified EMT in two states, taken an EMT training course three times.  Let my certification lapse so had to go thru course again to get certified.  I have certificates that hang on the wall but don't remember ever having a wallet card.  


Just like in any other field, those with actual knowledge can usually very quickly identify someone who is not knowledgeable.  Whats to say the bystanders should believe a Scout has adequate training? 


That may differ from state to state - in Illinois, EMTs are licensed - there is a state-specific exam in Illinois to be licensed and you have to be licensed by the state in order to be paid for being an EMT.  Though the state does not require EMTs to pass the National Registry exam to become a registered EMT, the vast majority of EMTs in the state are also registered EMTs because its pretty universal in the state that the courses use the National Registry exams as the course final exam.  It is possible that you can become a licensed EMT in Illinois without taking the National Registry exam since Illinois doesn't require it, but they do require someone to disclose if they've taken the National Registry exam and failed it.

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Yep - that does sometimes happen - but it's rare enough to be newsworthy - that says far more about the lifeguards lack of common decency than anything else.


Actually depending upon where the lifeguard is, it may be policy not to make a rescue. A few years back, there was a drowning somewhere on the East coast in which someone was swimming in a no swim area, that was close enough to a lifeguard station, that the guard heard the person, and made the rescue. The lifeguard was later fired for abandoning their station to make the rescue.

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