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Potential Merger: Lewis & Clark & Greater St. Louis Area Councils

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Saw this in my newsfeed yesterday:  http://www.bnd.com/news/local/article104537296.html


A few interesting points in the article caught my attention:

  • First, they say that it was the United Way that suggested the merger.  In our area, the United Way won't give any money to the BSA, so they must have a lot more influence with Scouting in St. Louis than they do up here.
  • They also say no lay offs, but that they'll save $400K... wonder how that works.  Must be by not back filling open reqs?
  • They plan to keep three OA lodges.
  • They feel they'll have too many camp properties.  So a few more BSA camps will bite the dust.  :(

Good luck to all of our Scouting brothers and sisters in these two Councils.  Hopefully it isn't your favorite camp that ends up on the chopping block.


Looks like it's now a done deal:



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yeah those of us on the IL side of the river are watching nervously.  Rumor is folks in the local scout office have already been told they will no longer be needed.  Another is the closings will be on our side as well--driven by the upgrade requirements for which their is no money.  Hopefully the OA lodge holds , but apparently a big council in the DFW area wanted to do that and was denied by Natl so we may get thumped to keep the peace.  The big scuttlebut is this wont be a merger of equals--GSLAC will be the 800 lb gorilla and act accordingly (they have been that way previously)--and that things L&C used to do and events they would hold will happen no longer and we will have to go across the river into StL to participate.  Certainly planning on my kid getting his Eagle project done before all of the meetings/boards/approvals have to go over there.


of course all of the above is rumor and hearsay so it may turn out wonderfully.

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GSLAC has submitted a rebuttal to the One Council/One Lodge/One Charter. Now with the One Council/Three Lodges/? Charters. It will be an interesting outcome. I doubt that they will get to keep three, but that is my uneducated opinion.


Wdfa89- Meetings/boards/approvals are done at the District Level and with your Service Center not on the chopping block, you can turn in any rank applications there. I don't understand that comment.

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