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Pirate Bandanas as Troop Headgear for Camp

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Ironically there is no evidence of bandannas be used widely as headgear by pirates or buccaneers. This was added later to the mythology as garment itself did not reach Europe (Portugal) until the 16th century and were not popular with men in England (as a neck covering) until the 18th century. Maybe the troop should wear the leather hats these sources reference?




Why would any self-respecting pirate want to wear a flag on his head?

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Yah, that's creative, eh?   Are yeh really lookin' for a "rule" on this, @@Hedgehog?  Good heavens, why?   Scoutin' is a kids game, and this is a classic youth leader choice.  I bet da use of pira

I'm with Beavah.  Y'all are wearing a neckerchief, right?  Do the rules tell you specifically how (or where) you have to wear it?

Much ado about nothing here.  If the theme is pirates,and the boys want to do this, let them.  The boys should be commended on their unity.  It might be respectful to remove the bandanas during flag c

I'd like to add a contrary voice - just to give you (and your SPL) something to consider, and how appropriate that you ask the day before Independence Day, arguably the United State's most sacred day and definitely the most patriotic day.


One of the goals of the BSA is to instill patriotic citizenship in the Scouts.  What's that phrase I've heard bandied about during some of our membership controversies?  We want our Scouts to be the best kind of citizens they can be???


Do you have any veterans in your unit?  Any of the parents veterans?  How about in the sponsoring organization?  Do you think you might encounter some Scouters at camp that are veterans?  Do you think they will think the wearing of pirate bandanas at flag ceremonies is fun and shows respect to the US Flag or is it possible that it's going to be seen as disrespectful to the flag and to the veterans in attendance?


The Pirate Bandanas sounds fun - wear them as head gear as part of the activity uniform, but for the flag ceremony, consider wearing them as neckerchiefs, not as headgear.


Some pirates were among the Americans under Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans. Just saying.

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I'm sorry you and your classmates had to endure the carping by those nitpicking scouters.   I've got stronger words to describe their actions, but this is a family forum.   One word is "chicken" and the other begins with "s."  (salad?)


They must subscribe to that school of thought "I've never done it that way = it's wrong."


This kind of stuff goes on everywhere in the BSA.   Then we wonder why scouters up and quit one day.


I agree. Our boys have been doing the 'Color Guard Swicheroo' with few collisions and little loss of decorum since Wolf Cubs! 

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with few collisions


This made me laugh out loud.  :D


Like I said, personally I was sure the kids could handle taking the flag to the left or right without issue, they're not dumb, just young.  I also had never heard of the idea of moving the flag from the podium down into the audience thus making it okay to move it from the left to the right, but when I researched it I found out the other member of my class was correct - it isn't necessarily wrong (and their is some logic behind it being part of the audience - I like to think of it as troops on parade marching up to the podium... the flag would be on the right in a parade) but now I know why they say they don't recommend doing this.  Most people will think it is wrong, so to avoid confusion (and complaints) it is best to stick with what is more familiar.


To circle back to this topic, while we might be able to argue that pirate bandanas were part of the uniform for this camp, I think the common interpretation is that the hats need to be official BSA hats to be considered part of the uniform when it comes to flag ceremonies.  To do less could go beyond offending the uniform police to disrespecting our flag and all of those who have given so much to defend it.

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Stosh, me hearty,  Tis an easy one. 


Aye, of the Alphabet, if he be literate, his favorite letter  be 'ARRRRRRRRRRRRR".  


What be his favorite type of foot covering? 

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