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Burn-out, and we're not talking drag racing here.

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A little late to this post as well, but just saw the reply and wanted to put my .02 cents in :D


I have been doing my line of work for nearly 15 years. I have changed enough in my field that when I start to feel tired of doing the thing I enjoy, it becomes interesting again. For me I am able to change my expertise in my field of work, but Scouts and volunteers can only change so much about a program.  When a program becomes stagnant people invested in those programs become bored or burned out with what they are doing. Sure you can still enjoy helping those who are apart of the program, but it only does so much before you would officially become burned out. However, on the flip side the changes have to make sense and be accepted by the majority of those invested in the program or they get burned out as well. It is a fine line of change and consistency that people need to stay interested in a program. 

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1....BSA Overburden. Would have been worse but we mitigated a lot of this. Our council does not require Tour Permits or whatever they call them now so we stayed in district and avoided that paperwork.

For me I feel the burn out when: Adults add drama to the program (unit, district, council, national). People don't read. They want everything spoon-fed to them. Scouts or parents don't step up to

Honestly, I feel the burn from time to time. It's generally the politicking of adult things that make me question "Why am I still doing this.?"  

You can't save the world (or the Troop) on your own. I too have experienced BSA burn out. I had to walk away from some issues and concentrate on working directly with some boys which was very rewarding. That and going to my OA Lodge events which re-invigorated me to come back to the Troop.

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