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Tag You're It - Running a Camporee Your Way?

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Wish I'd thought about the zombie idea. I was asked once a long time ago and I had just gotten back from a very pleasant primitive camping experience and when my response was to suggest a primitive campout in a remote place where there were no amenities, the two district people looked at each other and thanked me and said they'd give it 'careful consideration'.

I guess they're still considering it.

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Indeed, the trends in camporees these days:   - District/council micomanaging the units - Little/no competition - Themes/events that are based on entertainment and goof-off time - Not much wilder

We've done some pretty good ones over the past few years ... ones that stick in my mind are:   Zombie Prep Merit Badge ... twists on First Aid, "Capture the Cure" game (glowing nalgenes filled with

I'd insist on a SWAT team ready to mobilize, street-level maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, twelve jammie dodgers, and a fez.     I'm with you - no to Merit Badges, no to OA or Girl Sc

We actually had this happen to us two years ago. They came to us and one other troop at the last minute and asked us to plan it, and so we did. (To Krampus’ point, there is no substitute for planning, especially long term planning.) Then the second troop pulled out at the last minute and left us holding the bag. So this year we just told them we would organize the whole thing, and we are doing so. This is fortunate that nobody else wants to do it…that way when District tries to micromanage we can just tell them “our way or the highwayâ€â€”meaning we leave.


The Camporee is in March, the location is already reserved—a council camp not far from town. I think that is an important factor—a close location. That makes it easier for other troops with less strong programs to make it and increase the attendance. So that would be the first thing I would demand is input on the site selection. Also, this particular site has wonderful facilities. It already has a rifle range, a shotgun range, an archery range, and a rock wall.


We are fortunate that we have all the resources to conduct these activities ourselves. We all the equipment and certified personnel required by and in accordance with the G2SS. And all the scouts love these, in general. Accordingly, these are “must haves†for us. I see this as “fun/challenges for older scouts rather than simplified games at the Weebs levelâ€.


I agree on the patrol competitions, the selling and soliciting, the merit badges, the tour permits, and the health forms. None of that. It would never have occurred to me that merit badges would be offered at camporee…that’s what merit badge fairs are for. I would except the OA because I think our OA chapter is insufficiently active and I would like them to raise their profile some, depending on what they use the money for. Ours does not currently do this, but I would not necessarily be opposed. But definitely no Girl Scouts, especially their cookies. I would require at least Class B uniforms, but wouldn’t police them.


I like the idea of patrol awards rather than troop awards and patrol flags. CalicoPen’s suggestion of the cracker barrel is excellent. We do that and it goes a long way to helping build cohesion within the district. We also have a chili cookoff and ice cream social on Saturday evening. Each troop cooks a batch of chili and brings it along with their ice cream to the social. Each troop gets a table and then everyone is allowed to circulate and sample the chili and ice cream. Big hit, and it again builds cohesion. It also really allows the scouts to see their friends in other troops in a scouting context, which I think is good. Similarly, District provides hot dogs and hamburgers for Saturday lunch, which again is good for socializing.


Agreed-no FOS pitches.


Didn’t occur to me to not have a religious service. We usually hold it right before the awards on Sunday morning.


We are trying to build participation, so we wouldn’t have a minimum participation cutoff.

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