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K of C dropping charters

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I hate to say this, but...


Is the judge going to look at Catholic policy or Catholic practice?  I know several gay priests, and we just starting recovering from the pedophile scandal.

I will not comment specifically on the Catholic Church, but on religious organizations in general.


Without getting into a whole legal dissertation, I would think the actual practice could be relevant to determining what the actual policy is. If the practice is to regularly ignore the "policy" and admit openly gay clergy, then a court might very well find that what the religious organization says the policy is, is not actually what the policy is. But it probably would not be enough that there are some gay clergy here and there. It probably would have to be proven that the policy is generally ignored and rarely, if ever, enforced.


I guess I will make one comment on the Catholic Church, and that is, from what I observe, it is not the case that the church allows openly gay people to be in leadership positions as a general rule.

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True, but in the past how many photographers and bakers had been put out of business and legally harassed into bankruptcy because of their conscience? If someone gets a burr and goes after a church, I

Assuming that parish sponsors can be found for over 1000 troops.

Looks like legal positioning to me.     Now why would KoC worry about being sued?

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