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Sad Story - a scout lost - question for Mike Long

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When you think of how quick and easy it is to lose a life, it's a wonder we manage to get our kids raised to adulthood, as I have been allowed to do. I am blessed. Why these things happen, we will never know. My intellect tells me that no loving, merciful God would allow such things to happen, especially when it punishes so many, not the least of whom are Alex's dad and brother, who tried to do the right thing. Like Job, I want to scream out and curse God. I don't understand. I want to understand. I pray to understand.


Mike, please pass on our condolences. Your boys are in for a tough time. Let us know how we can help our brother scouts and Scouters.

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According to the article, the family has requested donations to the Alex Plucknett Scholarship Fund.


c/o Educational Community Credit Union

623 N Main St

Jacksonville, FL 32202


Mike, if there's a Scouting related memorial fund that's different from this, please let us know.

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Thank you again from all of us and especially the family.


Alex's grandfather is starting a baseball scholarship in his name at the University of Nebraska. (Big time Cornhusker family)


We really wanted to do something permanent for Alex but we have yet to discuss it thouroughly with the family. One of the newspaper articles had also mentioned that donations could be sent to the troop and several people approached myself and our ASMs at the service and indicated that there were checks in the mail to the troop. If any would like to help just send what you feel led to send to the address on our site www.troop623.com and mark it for the Boy Scouts.


Right now we are looking at a Summer Camp scholarship in his name. We have a large Eagle plaque in the form of an Eagle Medal with the name plates in the colors of the ribbon where we inscribe the names of all our Eagles. Alex will be inscribed there as an honorary Troop 623 Eagle Scout. His older brother pinned Alex with his Eagle patch before he was cremated.


It's going to be a long road ahead. Last night I was going over our Northern Tier '05 planning paperwork and saw Alex's name as the last guy to sign up for the trip. That was rough.

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I cannot imagine what Alex's father is doing to himself.




You and your boys deserve full credit for the support you are providing to the family in this time. Helping them is the best way to heal one's self. Good luck to all of you.


PS How is that little girl doing?



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The more I think about this the madder I get. Probably because I grew up in a very rural area where most everybody hunts. Daddy had 3 rules that we learned long before he ever let us even touch a gun:


1. Wear blaze orange when you go in the woods or fields. Even if you're just hunting mushrooms.

2. Know where your partner is at all times.

3. If you can't ID it, don't shoot it.


This is just so very sad and so very preventable.


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My condolences to the family and friends.

May God Bless his family in this dark hour.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family and Troop, especially his Father.

I pray their "wounds" will heal soon.


Mike, you are to be commended in your service to your Scouts and their families.

God Bless you.

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Next time someone asks why hunting is on the list of prohibited activities in the G2SS just tell them about this tragic event. This is a good example of why the emphasis in BSA for firearms is completely on safety awareness. No matter what the situation there is always the possibility for human error and a fatal mistake.

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