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Cub Scout Day Camp Camp Director Training

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What we have is a failing program  ---something I've been warning about for 16 months or so.  New district leadership is beginning to deal with that,  but effective leadership takes time to identify and gain experience. Hopefully your district leadership realizes that the district is more than the Boy Scout troops. That's my problem.


My current aim is to define and limit what I do and to inform district leadership of what they can expect from us.  THEY will have to deal with other leadership and planning issues.  I don't want to be drawn into being responsible for other failing leadership. Do the best you can and focus on day camp.. Remember, it takes time to turn things around. And make sure you get a successor who fully unerstands what is going on. My first successor as PD didn't, and set us back as a result.; Very frustrating, especially since unlike the CD, I gave him copies of EVERYTHING (emphasis) I did for 2 years. I essentially handed him a full program that the kids loved.


GOOD LUCK! (and that is me screaming at you with the nbest of intentions as I know the muck you are dealing with)>>



Thanks for the good ideas and good wishes!


We have Execellent new district leadership that has replaced leadership that was running down the district for several years.


They are working hard to turn things around,  but that's tough to do.   Doing the Day Camp Program Director job is my contribution to aiding their efforts,  but I can't do the Camp Director job too.


My plan is to keep the district Key 3 apprised of what is happening and making it clear what I can and cannot do.   They have the responsibility to pick up the ball at that point,  is my theory.


Of course,  just ignoring such problems until on the edge of disaster seems to be an all too often used method of dealing with such issues.  But I'm not going to be drawn into trying to fix a Camp Director who appears to be a no show for the seond consecutive year.

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You're going to have a blast!  This will be the most rewarding and exhausting Scout training you've ever had.    I been on NCS-CS faculty 12 years.  One of the biggest complaints we get on the feedb

Sorry - you hit a nerve. Patently ridiculous is the notion that an archery range or BB range certification needs to be renewed every 2 years. The bow and arrow has stopped evolving; repetitive train

When I polled my Cubs, these were the overall ratings.


1) Fishing by a landslide.  In fact the first year we did the Webelos Woods program, it didn't include fishing. THERE WAS A MUTINY! (emphasis.) They rather fish than do water games.


2) Archery.


3) BB Guns.


Archery and BB Guns were close. Some of the boys own their own .22s so the bb guns aren't a big deal.


AndI used a  3 man staff for each areas. 1, preferably 2,  RSOs a 2nd adult with firearm expereince if I didn't have 2 RSOs ( we got a lot of cops in my district, ;) ) and an older scout to help out.. That's in addition to any Adults working with the dens.


We tried to have 5 stations going at a time.

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Budgeting can be another stumbling block. 


  Turned out for some years, the Council Program Director wanted "profit".

When our camp was successful (lots of free stuff and activities ... Say "CUB SCOUTS"  and watch the magic happen)   and showed an overage, the Director would buy staff lunch.  Fried chicken, pizza, etc. all at a discount because Safeway/pizza Hut etc. discounted to the Cub Scouts!   Council man said "How dare you. This is an unwarranted expense!  A bad example to the other camps!   Make staff bring their own lunch!"  Director said.... nothing and went ahead buying lunch.  So did the other camps (Directors talk to each other, trade supplies, ideas, even staff! ).  Council man grind teeth...

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