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I've enjoyed reading the topics in the forum and decided to join the conversation. I'm an ASM in a mid sized (around 50 boys) Troop in New Jersey. I'm a strong advocate of a boy lead troop (along with the other leaders in the Troop) and a strong believer that Scouting is outing. I have a love of the outdoors that I share with the scouts. I'm a MB counselor for what I consider the Big 4 - Camping, Hiking, Backpacking and Cooking (as well as a couple of others) and enjoy working with the boys to help them develop real skills in those areas. I'm an advocate of lightweight (on the verge of ultralight) backpacking and believe that any scout can do a backpacking trek if they have the right gear and if the do the right preparation (i.e. warm up hikes and shakedown hikes). Looking forward to being part of the conversation.

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OK' date=' I know it's an old joke but I have to ask....which exit?[/quote']


Yes, Pack, very old.


Hedgehog, welcome to the forums from a fellow New Jerseyan. You will find there are a number of us NJ people on here, although most don't advertise that fact as blatantly as I do. :)


(And my account name, the "Cub" part, became kind of a misnomer years ago. I went with my son from pack to troop, and he just graduated from college.)

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Oh, Man, just a salary? you don't get the benefit package?????


I'd hold out for some of the really good benefits!


1) Old coffee mug that no one else wants and all the coffee you can buy.


2) Homesick boys that are consistent bedwetters.


3) Totally random surprises you never thought the boys could come up with.


4) A free fun-filled week at a summer camp for boys in lieu of a personal vacation with wife and kids.


5) Phone calls late at night from parents that help you understand exactly how things need to be done for the troop and especially their son.


6) (My favorite) You run the boy's advancement history for his Eagle review and there's a MB missing and instead of getting a blue card from the 17 year, 11 month old boy, you get the "deer-in-the-headlights" look.


Oh, the list goes on and on. One doesn't need a big salary with benefits like these!



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Cynicism aside, the benefits are worth it. The email from the dad saying his son can't stop talking about how much fun he had as part of the Venture Patrol at camp. The sense of accomplishment that the first year guys got after finishing a strenuous hike that included bouldering and scrambling up rock ledges. Eating the dinner my son cooked for his patrol because it was better than what the Old Goat patrol was serving. Seeing 6 scouts and 2 parents go backpacking for the first time. Having my son go camping in 20 degree weather without me and having a blast. Seeing scouts excited to cook an entire weekend over a pot bellied stove. Seeing the SPL and ASPL be the "cool" Boy Scouts when working with the Webelos 2 on Outdoorsman. The list goes on...

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