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LGBT: Critical Mass?

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Repeat, I challenge anyone to explain why the principle that all citizens should have the same basic rights is NOT conservative.
In truth, no, equal rights for all citizens is not "conservative" -- at least not how that term was understood prior to the 20th century and in countries other than the USA. So yes, equal rights are very much a "liberal" issue.


But that's irrelevant to the topic of this thread since no one's rights are being denied.

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>>How did South Africa get so far ahead of the United States?<<   I wouldn't describe it as "far ahead," nor do most people I know who have spent time in SA. However, they got there by

What we will see next is a push for the legalization of polygamy under similar equal protection arguments because it is, after all, between consenting adults. Then as Scouter 99 points out, we will see consent and "statutory" rape weakened. After all, an 18-year old woman pursuing a 14-year old girl just does not have the same ring to it as an 18 year old man and a 14 year old girl: http://www.worldmag.com/2013/05/father_of_18_year_old_lesbian_calls_daughter_s_statutory_rape_charge_unfair. From that point, who knows? Everything moves faster when you're going downhill after all.
Equal marriage is about 2 adults -- not about multiple adults. So honestly, this is a total red herring!
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Look at the bright side: public schools can again sponsor Scouts, California police & fire can get re-involved with Learning for Life. Research biologists understand that the incidence of homosexuality increases as an area increases past its carrying capacity -- one of Gaia's pressure relief valves. We need to be very careful we (hetereo) don't treat gays as our forefathers treated post Civil War freed slaves
In our state, many school districts not only don't allow Scout troops to meet in school facilities, they would never allow PTAs/HSAs to be sponsoring organizations since there is still discrimination against gay Scout leaders.
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