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council directory?

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Interesting list; has significant historical value. The number of local councils in early days, prior to 1930 or so, is significant. That they appear to have merged, often a number of times, each time becoming larger challenges the viability of small councils and truly local control. It continues to be an issue from what I see, especially where the councils are "so" large that some members likely rarely see their professionals, and have to do everything by mail or computer.



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Here's something that just demonstrates the central bizarre organizational inefficiency that plagues the BSA.


First off, they don't have a list of all of the councils easily accessible from anywhere that we can easily find.


Second, the list of council websites includes 304 councils. How can it possibly not include all of the councils? Do some councils not have web sites? Have they ignored requests from National? Doesn't someone from National ever talk to people in those councils?

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