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Who's got these Boy Scout Movies?

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On 6/15/2019 at 12:58 AM, fgoodwin said:

Can you name a recent movie that shows Scouting in a positive light and doesn't make use of the pedophile or nerd tropes?

Yes, my aforementioned Rim of the World. It's a female scout, but she's a-la-mode a strong capable female character.

We've had a comedy series over here in the UK called Ghosts, where someone inherits a house, has an accident and can now see dead people, one of the ghosts trapped in her house is a scout leader, comes across as well meaning and enthusiastic, though admittedly a bit of a nerdy voice, and no mention of paedophilia. Which was nice.

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Do cartoon tv shows count?   Rowan Atkinson, animated....  


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