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Sea Scouting Lifeguard

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Our council has gone to internet advancement reporting.


I have one Sea Scout working towards his Eagle and used this for the first time to record a couple of MB's he had earned.


While looking through the awards it showed an award for "Sea Scouting Lifeguard"


It also lists BSA Lifeguard.


I did a search for the requirements but have come up blank.

I didn't see a patch or award for this in the Scout Catalog either.


Has anyone heard of this and know where to find the requirements (if they exist)?


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OK, let's review the bidding:


Second Class: Swimming requirements.

First Class: Swimming requirements.

S/L/E: Swimming MB as one of 3 in the Physical Activities Group.

S/L/E: Lifesaving MB (Swimming MB a pre-req) in the Emergency Response Group.


BSA Lifeguard: A program for youth and adults, ages 14 and above, to meet the mandates of G2SS, Section II, Aquatics, Requirement 1.


From the technical definitions at the BSA Website, the BSA Lifeguard is:

A three-year training designation awarded to Boy Scouts, Venturers, and adults who meet prescribed requirements in aquatics skills, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, first aid, and emergency action. See "BSA Aquatics Instructor."


The curriculum for BSA Lifeguard is 34536A.





Once a BSA lifeguard, now out of currency.


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My Sea Scout contacts don't know about this award either.


I am currently taking BSA Lifeguard and none of the instructors had heard of it.


I have to say that this was much easier when I was 14 than doing it at close to 50.

It is being taught by the same person I took Swimming and Lifesaving MB's when I was a Scout back in the early 70's.


I'll have to see how good our new DE is, with no scouting background and see what he can find any requirements.



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