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I have to say being in a co-ed Ship has brought about some unique situations.


In the near future I can see an issue coming up.


One of the young ladies in the ship has a younger brother, currently in Scouts, who wants to join the Ship when he turns 14 in September.


She doesnt want him to join.

I think she sees the ship as her thing and doesnt want him around.


So far she hasnt put much effort into the Ship.

Shes lucky to make every other meeting.

She been to most of our activities but doesnt seem to be around much during the planning part nor does she seem real interested in doing so.


From what I have seen with her younger brother is that he is an overachiever.

I heard the perfect kid rumblings coming from her when her Mom mentioned to me about him joining the ship in the fall.


He sold a huge amount of popcorn last year, has 20+ MBs (hes not in a MB mill but has taken full advantage of the opportunities that have been made available) and hes currently the SPL in his Troop (and Ive heard from his leaders hes doing a pretty good job).


The only reason his sister heard about the Ship is because my son and him took a MB class together and while waiting I told their Mom about starting a Sea Scout Ship.


I am not seeing this with my own kids.

My daughter will be old enough to join the Ship in June.

My son doesnt seem to have a problem with her joining (or at least he hasnt said so).



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If this girl who is under the shadow of her over-achieving younger brother wishes to break away from his influence, why doesn't she get involved in Girl Scouts. As far as I know, it's a safe bet he can't follow her there.



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My brother is four years older than I.

He wasn't very happy when I moved from the Pack into the Troop.

Mainly because he thought I'd be a bit of a tattle-tale.

The Troop was his! He just didn't want or have any need to have his little brother in on his turf.

Best thing is to stop thinking of them as a pair! Think of them as two individual Sea Scouts, with different wants and needs.

Your role is to serve both of them.

Maybe the girl needs more help than her brother?

Maybe not?


(CNYScouter - Rob, one of our guys got accepted for SEAL. Are you going to the Regatta?)


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