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District Directors?

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I have to agree that the CS program can be tough at a District level. In our District we have the Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta, and Cub Day Camp as activities. After you add in popcorn sales and Scouting for food you have quite a bit of program to go along with Council events such as resident camp, Stampede (it is kind of like a camporee for all Scouts including cubbies!), and special programs like Webelos Woods, rocket academy (LA Council but we always do it because it is so close) and civil war re-enactment. The reality is that between District and Council activities, I can have my units at a function every single month and they would never plan anything. The problem is that they lose out on building program among themselves. Our CO requires some specific local community programs that we MUST participate in such as the annual childrens parade, the Freedom Festival (4th of July), community clean up (we adopted a street many years ago) and a couple of others. The belief of the CO leadership (including many long time and past Scouters) is that the local unit must be part of the local community first and that District and Council events have there places but are less important than being part of the community.

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